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Armageddon and the 4th Timeline

Armageddon and the 4th TimelineRiveting!

Within the realm of possibility!

While the United States’ military and intelligence communities pull out all stops in an effort to prevent a nuclear holocaust, one man—encouraged by his enlightened Tibetan Master—strives to rise above this arena of conflicting forces.

Can he find a place in the past where altering a key event could change the future and prevent Armageddon?

Don Mardak’s second exciting novel, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a fast-paced adventure through time and space, as mankind faces the enormous specter of violent and cataclysmic annihilation.

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline was a finalist in the most recent ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards, won the silver medal in two categories of the 2014 eLit Book Publishing Awards, and a silver medallion in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards.

(317 Pages)


An-Adventure-in-Mysticism An Adventure in Mysticism

A compelling spiritual fantasy!

A charming blend of spirituality, humor, and suspense!

Life is more than that which we can see with our eyes, hear with our ears, and touch with our hands. Might there not be other planes of consciousness to which we have access?

An Adventure in Mysticism is the story of one young man’s spiritual awakening and his ultimate search for Truth. This mystical adventure will lead you to that divine Kingdom that exists in the inner depths of your soul.

Book 1 of Don Mardak’s Grand Circle series also includes The Gospel According to I AM —Biblical proof that there is much more to being human than can be seen on the surface.  (324 Pages)

This book is a great read for teenagers and young adults who are seeking their introduction to spiritual Truth.


Spirtual Healing for Today, Tomorrow and Beyond Spiritual Healing for Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

A Clear and Concise Approach to the Practice of Spiritual Healing

Has the age of miracles passed us by? Is man nothing more than a physical creature living at the mercy of chance?

These and other questions are answered in Don Mardak’s newest book, Spiritual Healing for Today, Tomorrow & Beyond.

Following the principles outlined in Joel S. Goldsmith’s Infinite Way teachings, Mardak provides a compelling history of the modern spiritual healing movement, since its inception in the mid-19th century, to its most recent incarnation, in which healings are brought about without words or thoughts.

The book also outlines the author’s personal journey from illness to health, from lack to abundance, and offers an inspiring selection of powerful wisdoms on which to meditate.

It is a journey within to the inner depths of the reader’s soul—one well worth traveling.  (233 Pages)