Don Mardak has successful book signing at the BEA Show in Chicago.

Being a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Don Mardak had an entire shelf dedicated to his books on display at the recent Book Expo America (BEA) Show held in Chicago from May 11th to the 14th.

Don also did a book signing at the IBPA booth in which more than 70 copies of the revised version of “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline” were given to lucky readers.

Mardak said that, in general, the BEA Show was quite successful, as several fruitful relationships were established, and new contacts are still coming in.

“An Adventure in Mysticism” Kindle #1 Best Seller

Coming-of Age Novel Receiving Rave Reviews
Grand Circle Publications LLC
May 10, 2016 1:02 PM

NEW BERLIN, WI–(Marketwired – May 10, 2016) –  Grand Circle Publications LLC today announced that author Don Mardak’s book, “An Adventure in Mysticism” has attained an Amazon Kindle #1 Best Seller rank in nine categories.

As of this time, 95% of the reviews on the book have been 5 stars, with the balance being 4 stars.

“An Adventure in Mysticism” is an original, contemporary coming-of-age novel, which is really two books in one. The first part consists of the story of one young man’s spiritual awakening and his ultimate search for Truth, while the second section, titled “The Gospel According to I AM,” provides numerous Biblical quotes, along with mystical interpretations and spiritual insights that lead the reader to the inner depths of his or her soul.

“An Adventure in Mysticism” also does a remarkable job of setting the stage for the primary characters in Mr. Mardak’s apocalyptic, best-selling sequel, “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline.”

Armageddon #1 Amazon Bestseller

Don Mardak’s Armageddon and the 4th Timeline Attains Amazon Kindle #1 Best-Seller Ranking in Six Categories

A story right out of today’s headlines, Armageddon has won 4 book-writing awards and has more than 140 five-star reviews

NEW BERLIN, WI / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2016 /
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We live in uncertain times. The chaotic and rapidly deteriorating conditions in the Middle East, the underlying threat of nuclear proliferation, and the potential spread of weapons of mass destruction have created foreboding – even apocalyptic – circumstances throughout the world. Add to that a collective consciousness that doesn’t always agree on religion and the nature of existence, and you have the potential for conflict ending in disaster.

Author Don Mardak wrote Armageddon and the 4th Timeline to convince mankind that we do have the power to prevent such an outcome. The book is a breathtaking thriller that recently has garnered four book-writing prizes in such prestigious venues as The ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards, the eLit Electronic Book Publishing Awards, and the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards.
Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a riveting multi-genre read – a fast-paced mystical fantasy with three thought-provoking themes: the war on terror and the potential of a nuclear holocaust, travel through time to alter future events, and new-age spiritual principles that affect the way mankind coexists.

Here are typical comments by the numerous readers and reviewers:
* “One of the best books I’ve ever read!”
* “Beyond excellent!”
* “Incredible from start to finish.”
* “It doesn’t feel like just a book, but a new scroll of some kind.”
* “I’m Speechless!”
* “Impressive one-of-a-kind tale.”
* “I would give it 6 stars, but unfortunately, the scale only goes to 5″
* “Thrilling like a roller-coaster ride with many twists and turns.”
* “Mind-altering!”
* “If you read one book this year, let this be it!”
* “Awesome … in the true sense of the word.”
* “Absolutely brilliant”
As one reviewer stated, “A thrilling ride from the first page, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline has definitely set the bar in its genre. It is thought provoking, entrancing, and filled to the brim with gut-wrenching and hold-your-breath events.”

The book is a must read for Truth seekers and those who have been searching for answers to their most basic questions about life and the nature of ultimate reality.

Don Mardak, a successful entrepreneur, is also the author of the novel An Adventure In Mysticism and the nonfiction title Spiritual Healing for Today, Tomorrow & Beyond.

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