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A must-read, a literary fire starter

By Monica LaSarre

If you read one book this year, let this be it. In Armageddon and the 4th Timeline, author Don Mardak provides a thought-provoking adventure that will leave you buzzing with its spur-to-action honest and authentic truths. Based on the premise that our societal and global paradigms are preventing us from thriving long-term as a harmonious global population, Armageddon doesn’t stop at giving a realistic outlook on the harrowing stakes facing our world today and the problems you won’t be able to argue, exist. Rather, it subtly provides a solution set that is beyond what most audiences could’ve conceived on their own in an utterly wise, gently probing and completely unforgettable way.

Yes, this is a fictional work, but you’ll never look at the world the same way again after you’ve read this book.

The voice of the author is as authentic and joltingly honest as I’ve ever read. Well written, fact-based and truly motivating, Armageddon will change you and leave you unable to turn a blind eye any longer to what most of us have successfully ignored for so long: the prosperous future of life as we know it is in jeopardy. And yet, kudos to the author, this is not yet another cliché, harbinger-of-doom, end-times spook fest. The author’s skillful storytelling, combined with military, religious, political, mystic and time-travel themes, will leave you feeling you’ve witnessed a book whose message and themes come to life and transform the mundane into a spiritual experience. The story told here transcends the page, and characters you meet here will never be forgotten. They could be you; they could be us.

My only advice to you when you read this book is this: finish it. Wait until the end, until you’ve read all, and then spend a few days letting the author’s wisdom sink in before deciding how you feel about this book. Don’t shy away from the truths revealed in the first few pages; don’t close your eyes to what is going on around you. Open your mind and allow the truths of this revolutionary book to blow your mind and then spur you to action.

Mr. Mardak, you are a genius. So few books have touched me as deeply and resonated with me on so many levels – spiritually, humanly, as an entertained reader and as an in-awe author – as this one did. Well done, well done!

Magnificent Dystopian Science Fiction and Time Travel Masterpiece

By David  –  Verified Purchase

Mr. Don Mardak has created and fashioned like a true Master Craftsman a book that I will never forget. The breadth of scientific knowledge and acuity that is brought to this novel of time travel is amazing.

The author’s research is staggering. It is a fascinating read. I don’t remember when I have ever read anything so good as this by Mr. Mardak. It deserves wholeheartedly all the praise that has been heaped upon it so far. I am sure that much more praise for “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline” will be coming for months to come.

It is a story of a world faced with a potential cataclysmic annihilation and an alternate reality may be the only answer. There is nuclear proliferation and the likely spread of weapons of mass destruction throughout the world. The collective consciousness is at odds and conflict over religion and the nature of human existence is at stake. This book exemplifies the fact that humankind still has power over its destiny.

It’s not always easy for creative writers to develop believable characters for their short stories or novels. BUT This Novel Succeeds Brilliantly! It is Superlative and the Author here is a Master Artist at the Top of both his game and his Genre.

Most of us don’t have close relationships with dashing heroes named or brilliant, beautiful female femme fatales who light up the Kindle or paper page in front of us. This makes it tempting to take inspiration from people we actually know. But this Fantastic book does everything for you! The resulting characters are Magnificent Creations here, and not the thinly veiled versions of ourselves, our friends, and relatives. The Author is asking readers to visualize the characters and relate to them. He wants the characters to be realistic so that the audience can connect to them. This Superlative Novel makes the reader want to cheer them on as they surmount obstacles, and shed a tear when they fall.

Gustav Freytag considered plotting a narrative structure that divides a story into five parts, like the five acts of a play. These parts are the exposition (of the situation), rising action (through conflict), climax (or turning point), falling action and resolution.

This book—which grabbed my attention from the very first page to the very last—is a masterful example of a perfectly created plot. I read the novel in one sitting! It was that good! Highly recommended! Great Buy! You will thoroughly enjoy it!

One of the best books I’ve ever read!

By Tanya –  5 Stars

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

I’m speechless… Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read. I read the whole thing in one night. I was so deep into the story I couldn’t even think of stopping until I knew how Eric was going to change the circumstances that were happening to the world around him.

There is so much going on with this story I can’t even begin to explain. You will meet some pretty extraordinary people, and if you are anything like me, you will feel a sense of fear as you imagine the very thing happening to our world now.

My favorite character was Eric. I loved reading of his journeys and the remarkable people he saw every time he left that chair in the library.

This is the kind of book you have to experience for yourself; it will change your way of thinking and maybe even the way you live your life.

I recommend this book to everyone!

Outstanding Read

By Luvs2Read

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This was an awesome book and an incredible read. It pulls you in like a magnet and holds you. The writing is impeccable and easy to follow and understand. The attention to details was outstanding. It is a book that sends the reader on a thought-provoking journey and keeps you spellbound until the end. It covers so many different aspects and really makes you stop and think “What If”.

The characters are wonderful, and you become part of the story. The book flows with such ease you do not even realize how many hours have passed as you read. Given the history of past conflicts and others that seem to be growing, it sends your mind reeling as to just what is possible and how would mankind survive … and would we?

It made me look deep into my own spirituality and ask myself a lot of questions. It is quite obvious the author spent a lot of time and research on this book, and it ended up as a literal masterpiece. It is thrilling and mysterious and very well done.

The author Don Mardak is brilliant with an intense imagination and knowledge of history and the world around us. His passion for writing comes through each word, and I will be looking for more of his work.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone; it works on many genres and will take you on a ride you won’t soon forget.

Fantastic book!

By Nicole Martins Ferreira

Wow! What a fantastic book! I majored in philosophy and religious studies back when I was in university, and this book would’ve been an incredible read in those classes. I hope Don Mardak ends up contacting universities and colleges about teaching this book in schools.

There are several interesting concepts that the novel covers. The introduction of the book seemed to highlight the butterfly effect talking about how changing an event from the past you create an alternate reality, which ends up being very prevalent in Eric’s story. It’s extremely evident that every sub-plot, every character, every aspect of the story was carefully planned out and had significant purpose. You need to pay attention to link everything together. However, Mardak does a fantastic job wrapping up loose ends in the book and it is a very easy-to-follow read.

A notable quote for me was “Is this the end of it, or only the beginning?” It was about how they were on the verge of a WWIII. I remember after 9/11 no one felt safe no matter where they went. No one knew if something else would follow, or if that was it. It keeps you on your toes and scared which is a horrible feeling.

There is a focus on what God really is. It’s a fascinating understanding of God and it doesn’t involve the concept of religion. It kind of makes you question the purpose of religion, because God does exist outside of the constraints of it. God is essentially love and goodness.

The book talks about Islam vs USA. However, the real problem isn’t with Islam as much as it is with religion itself. I was actually thinking about this a few weeks ago. If “religion” classes were re-named “love” classes and focused on sharing stories of love in the world, and focused on the core message of all religions, which is essentially – love, would anything change? If we educated people on how to be more loving, how to accept people for who they are, how to shatter ignorance by getting to know people of all walks of life, would things change? Do we need to erase years of history, or are we able to start a new trend?

Early in the book, Eric has a spiritual awakening and heads to China. I didn’t realize it at the time but there was a reason why he called it spiritual instead of religious.

If you’re an action lover, there is a lot of built-up suspense. Mardak also included sub-plots so that you couldn’t immediately find out what happens next. I was extremely hooked in right from the beginning. There’s a lot of foreshadowing, explosions and interesting twists to keep you on your toes throughout the entire book.

The book ends with the beginning and wraps everything up nicely. It’s one of those books that you need to read with a group of people to hear and share perspectives. I definitely recommend that anyone considering this book reads it.

This Novel Defines A Whole New Meaning To “Armageddon” Storylines

By Lindsay S.

This novel just defined and set a new and very high bar for what it means to be an “Armageddon” storyline. Sometimes I feel like authors that write about the end of the world like to put zombies and other creatures of the like in there and blame them for the end of times, because it is easier than looking at the things that really may bring about the end of times.

Well, Don Mardak did exactly the opposite in Armageddon and the 4th Timeline. He tackled the end of time with issues that really do face us as a country and planet, and used those as a basis for his thrilling and engaging novel.

This book was thought provoking like no end-of-times novel I have ever read, and that was paired with incredible characters that had me rooting for them from the start.

Never have I read a novel that was able to weave such a complex and captivating storyline, and yet tie it in to themes that run through our lives in reality as well. I have not been a fan of most end-of-the-world, way-out-there novels, but this one changed my mind. It has relevance, and depth, and wrapped it all up in a thrilling, engaging, exciting, and incredibly well-developed storyline that had me reluctant to put this book down for anything.

I cannot wait to read other books from this author, and I highly recommend getting this novel right now and starting in on it. You will be glad you did!

An amazingly unique novel that will linger long after you’ve finished reading.

By Amazon Customer “SoCalBookGal” (Los Angeles)

It is not often that I come across a book that so captures and entrances my mind as quickly and as thoroughly as Don Mardak’s “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Space.”

Mardak whets the literary appetite with some historical tidbits first, painting the timeline for our reference and bringing those moments to the forefront. Once the setting is primed, he dives in, traveling from Tibet to Pakistan, America to boardrooms of the most powerful. There is tension building the world over, the terrorist hotlines are buzzing in ways not seen before, rumors are flying, and in The Fata Region of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, devastating plans are being made.

When the threat of the unthinkable becomes too much for mankind to navigate peacefully, married couple Eric and Kathy, who have been prepped and led into training by enlightened Mystic and Master Shimahn, embark on the most important mission ever undertaken. At stake is nothing less than the fate of the entire world. To succeed, both must have unwavering faith in the divine, themselves and the bravery to accept the Grand Circle of Eternity.

This book is nothing less than provoking, a shining example of Mysticism and Fantasy Fiction done right. With fleshed out characters, incredible detail and deep themes, Don Mardak has penned a work that could please any critic.

Original, Unique and Thoroughly Entertaining!

By Ally McMahon

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a stunning adventure through terrorism, political intrigue, religious wars, time travel, spirituality and hope.

Author Don Mardak brings us this brilliant and intelligent story that crosses the usual boundaries. Mardak remains fearless, as he exposes the fate that may await the world with the current state of affairs. His research and understanding of all things in this story is comprehensive and complete. Anyone who has a working knowledge of the science, politics, geography, military, foreign affairs or spirituality found in this story will find the details to be accurate and complete. Mardak’s characters are fully developed and true to life, lending further weight and humanism to the story.

In Mardak’s proposed timelines, we live in a world where major U.S. cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles are attacked. President Thompson is faced with the impossible task of dealing with these situations, all while knowing the impending doom will affect the entire world. Christian and Jewish peoples found in the Islamic countries will be murdered. Muslim people found in western countries will be imprisoned for life in concentration camps.

In a world where religions clash and contribute to worldwide attacks, wars and death, everyone loses. Still there is a glimmer of hope: the 4th Timeline. The 4th Timeline is still being traveled and offers hope for an alternative outcome. Hope for a world where peace will reign. There is hope for a spiritual awakening, a transcendence into the next dimension.

With a spiritual undertone, this is also a thought-provoking mystery that deepens our understanding of the world around us. The science is fascinating, as are the mystical possibilities. Sprinkled with plenty of plot twists and suspense, Mardak spares nothing in the final culmination of his story. It will leave you breathless, enlightened and thoroughly entertained. I highly recommend it!

Fiction at its best

By Shanay Davis 

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This is truly an impressive piece of fiction by Don Mardak. I had no problem immersing myself in the novel and I must say that the author has put an enormous amount of work and effort into his writing.

When I began I must say that I was a bit of a skeptic, and despite the good reviews, I am always cautious with books like these. I was not disappointed because this book encompasses everything I love about books. I am a lover of philosophy an∂ I love when an author can explore themes in philosophy such as God, nature and existence. What made it so interesting is that the author was able to put it all in context and execute it flawlessly.

As the story went on, I was even more impressed with the author’s style of writing. I am normally bored at some points with books of this genre but I must say that the author’s fast-paced writing style kept me on the edge of my seat. I was always wondering what the next page would bring and how it would affect this alternate reality.

This is my top pick for 2014 so far, and it is a must read.

Awesome Read!

By Festus Muriiki

“Armageddon and the 4th Timeline” is a remarkable, original story that has so much going on it cannot even be classified in any specific genre. New-age spirituality, the war on terror, time travel, historical fiction, a mystical fantasy, adventure, sci-fi and the supernatural all rolled into one breathtaking package.

I have never read anything as complex as this novel that not only zeroed in on the storyline in such an astounding fashion, but kept me engrossed to the degree that I could not put it down until I reached the unpredictable, mind-bending conclusion.

Don Mardak is an amazing author who pulls off a remarkable feat in this thrilling roller-coaster ride that is not too far from what might soon become the future of mankind. Yet throughout all the suspenseful action and potential destruction caused by a world gone mad, there is the calming influence of the young couple—Eric and Kathy—who encouraged by their enlightened Tibetan Master, learn the secret of time travel as you have never seen it before.

This book is a must read for anyone who is looking for an incomparable thrill ride, while at the same time, gaining some profound and enlightening spiritual insights.

Captivating and Disturbing

By Christopher Gill 

In “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline”, Don Mardak tackles a multi-layered theme that defies being pigeon-holed into a single genre. He skillfully interweaves the war on terror, spiritual philosophy, an impending apocalypse, and various hot-button political issues that mirror many of our present-day dilemmas. All of this is set against a backdrop of time travel that results in a mind-bending odyssey serving as a disturbing warning. However, Mardak manages to deliver this cautionary theme without sacrificing the uplifting element that accompanies it.

While the spiritual element may have a Christian sway to it, the author does not shove it into the reader’s face with bombastic sanctimony. Rather, the spiritual philosophy is presented in an even-handed manner that does not cast a judgmental finger at any particular belief system, but only at the folly of mankind in general. The spiritual philosophy also, in fact, contains an ample flavoring of Eastern mysticism. I, personally, am not a follower of one particular religion, but I found the spiritual message in this book to be inclusive and well thought out rather than biased and pejorative. I feel that I would have missed out on a truly wonderful and thought-provoking experience if I had passed this book by simply because the author has Christian leanings. This book is so much more than that.

This is also an action-packed thrill ride that is a bit like Star Wars meets Quantum Leap while jetting Deepak Chopra to Piers Anthony’s house in another dimension with Tom Clancy, Richard Bach, and Stephen King strapped into the back seat. The pace escalates in a rousing crescendo that will get your blood tingling with pure adrenaline. Mr. Mardak does a magnificent job of taking a fantastical situation that is difficult for most of us to imagine and making it seem so threatening and real. The believability of the characters is equally important as the detailed descriptions give insights to help the reader understand their conflicts and relationships. Each character is given traits and flaws that make them seem like the kind of people you might meet in your own town.

This is a book that is both rewarding and disturbing; it presents a message of both despair and hope. I have not been able to stop thinking about it since I finished it.

A spiritual revelation, both inspiring and evocative

By Gamma Mouse     

A world gone mad, nearing its breaking point. Armageddon looms, a cloak of death ready to smother the world, the grim visage of annihilation lurking on the horizon. A battle is brewing, sides are chosen. Mankind prepares itself, for not only a fight for survival, but for a fight of who we are. And what we can become.

A beautifully imagined mystical fantasy, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a spiritual revelation, inspiring and evocative. Profound and wise, the book rises above the normal science fiction trappings, transforming into something deeper, something that feels real and pertinent to the human condition. The best science fiction is a reflection on what it is to be human, an examination of our purpose, and how we fit in our world. Armageddon masterfully tackles these ideas, giving us not only sustenance for our mind, but also for our soul.

The plot Mardak has created is gripping, an enthralling tale steeped with deeper spiritual truths. The world that he has created leaves you with a sense of wonder; it is hard not to be affected, emotionally. What you discover is that even in the darkest times, a light exists, it is always there for us. We just need to learn to embrace it.

Challenging, Compelling, Will Have You Thinking For a Long Time

By ETC752

While Armageddon and the Fourth Timeline has many of the elements of other apocalyptic novels – adventure, intrigue, cabals and imminent doom – this novel is a cut above most in the genre in that it uses a real-life precipitating event, and crafts a story that is part spy story, part magical realism, and part time-travel science fiction.

Well researched and finely crafted, the book is a taut thriller with a message about peaceful co-existence, spirituality and caring for each other and for the earth.

With each new plot twist and each new locale, the reader is challenged to think about accepted truths in a new way. I am not generally a fan of fantasy/science fiction, but it is hard not to be intrigued from the very beginning of the novel, in part because of the use of historical fact woven expertly together with fantasy about an alternate world.

Anyone with an interest in military intelligence, physics, the history of science, spirituality or current events/history and anyone who enjoys books that challenge them from the very beginning will enjoy this novel.

I will be thinking about it for a long time. It is uniquely clever, compelling and most of all thought-provoking.

Time Travel, War and the Supernatural all collide in an astounding fashion that will sweep you away!

By Michael   

Time Travel, War and the Supernatural all collide in an astounding fashion that will sweep you away.

From the very get go this story will engage you on an all-out thrill ride that will stand the test of time. It might come as a shock to most but this “end of world,” tale does not involve Zombies or Aliens from another planet.

That is much a relief in my view!

There’s nothing wrong with Zombies or Aliens, it’s just that our Planet Earth needs to find a new way to come to a ghastly end. The good news is that Author Don Mardak has found the way in this epic non-stop action thrill ride that is both original, and simply mind-blowing. It will literally take your breath away and keep your eyes glued to your reading device way into the late night hours.

In short, it took me a total of three days to finish “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity.” The characters and storyline develop with the skill and class of a seasoned veteran. This is one you don’t want to miss and without a doubt is a Must Buy.

5 Stars and can’t wait to read more.


By Karl

Wow, what a read!

The aptly named ‘Armageddon’ is a great book that focuses on the possible and complete annihilation of mankind at this uncertain period in time, and what we can to do to avoid it. Dividing our known reality into two; the spiritual and the physical, Mardak explains that we may be able to survive within a different reality. This book is extremely eye-opening and will make you think. A lot!

With quantum physics and religion, this book really has to be read with an open mind. It is seriously bridging the gap between fiction and reality and takes a good hard look at the future of mankind! The story is very, very clever and extremely well plotted; I’d even go as far as to say that it is close to perfect!

I highly recommend this work of genius not just to fans of this genre, but anyone who fancies a good, mind-blowing read. I will most certainly be looking out for ‘the Don’ again! *****

Awesome … in the true sense of the word!

By AgnesCBW

This is a really great novel that captivated me from the very beginning. I love that Mardak gave a very brief history overview. It freshened up my memory and reminded me of both the wonderful and awful things we humans have done to one another throughout the ages!

As someone who enjoyed the heck out of Zero Dark Thirty, the military intelligence scenes at the beginning were also fascinating to me. In particular, I was impressed that there was a powerful female character from the get-go. Lori Colbert was someone I immediately felt I could relate to, which is important to me. Speaking of strong women, Eric’s wife Kathy was also a truly great character. I thought they made an amazing team, and I loved the way they interacted.

The time travel aspect was something that really intrigued me. Shimahn’s explanation of the physics behind it was fascinating to me, and I was reminded of the miracles detailed in Diary of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda, also one of my favorite books. Mardak handles this plot point extremely well, making it believable and profound. It really held my interest, as well as the exploration into past lives. Ever since I was a small child, my interest has been piqued by this topic. During the scenes with Yaacov, I found myself highlighting a lot of the material. There were so many gems of wisdom/words to live by.

Obviously the author has a thorough knowledge of the Bible and history, and it was excellent to see all of these themes woven into the story. He takes historical characters and breathes life into them. I appreciated the fact that the stakes are so high; if Kathy and Eric don’t accomplish their goals, it’s not going to be good (and that’s putting it mildly!)

It was a joy to discover what the fourth timeline actually was at the end of the novel. Very satisfying end, although I was sad to lose contact with all of these great characters. This was time well-spent! Hopefully, Mardak will continue to use Kathy and Eric in another book.

Beyond excellent

By Diana L

As a huge fan of books by Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn, I was looking through Amazon for a quality read similar in nature to Clancy’s and Flynn’s books. I came across Armageddon and the 4th Timeline and was instantly drawn to the title. The story inside did not disappoint – at all. The extra bonus for me is on the flip side of reading: my top author for metaphysical reading is Richard Bach. I carry a copy of his best-selling book Illusions in my computer bag. Little did I know at the time I purchased “Armageddon” that the author would successfully add in spiritual teachings reminding me of my favorite Bach books.

So with all of this being said, I began reading and was instantly drawn into the story. The story begins at CIA headquarters in Virginia and is off to a fast start. The characters are well thought out with details that make them instantly real. I soon found myself traveling along with two of the characters to a temple in Tibet. The description of the surroundings was done extremely well, as I sincerely thought I smelled the incense in the temple.

By Chapter Three, I was beginning to see how the fast-paced terrorists/CIA plot was going to co-exist beautifully with the spirituality of the characters in Tibet. I could see how the global challenges outlined could be effectively handled if there was a way to join them with the spiritual truth seekers. If the war on terror could be handled using spiritual principles from teachers such as the one in Tibet, much could be accomplished.

I liked a lot when Eric discussed time travel with the Tibetan Master Shimahn, as it reminded me much of the floating wrench in Bach’s Illusions. So will Eric travel in time to prevent Armageddon? I don’t want to give you any spoilers – but I’ll say this much: He does travel in time, and when you get to the part in the book that you know he is time traveling, if you’re like me, you’ll try not to race too fast through the pages so you can see how he shows up in past history.

This part of the book I thought was extremely well written. When Eric returns from his first time travel journey, what he said to his wife made chills run down my back. The details through this story—be it time travel, CIA, or terrorists—are vividly described. Time and time again I felt I was standing right alongside the characters.

As you near the end of the book, you’ll find a timeline. The timeline in the front of the book is factual events as they occurred. The timeline in the back is what could have occurred if history was different. I urge you to compare the two timelines, as they really made me think about the “what-ifs” in history. Extremely well done book, and that is an understatement. I expected a good read—the author more than over-delivered.

Fantastic Read!

By deerez

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a new type of genre for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found that I highly enjoyed it. I felt the characters Eric and Kathy were wonderfully written and I also felt captivated to keep reading this story, hard to put down. It hits you hard with the threat of nuclear war and the end-of-the-world thoughts. Mardak really opens up your mind and gets you thinking.

It brings up past feelings of things that have happened in the world and the mindset of what can still happen.

The Christian aspects and the biblical stories were wonderfully written.

The combination of time travel, your spirituality, and terrorism in the world really gets you thinking. Going back in time to change the way things will happen in the future. Great storyline; very intriguing.

This is a fascinating read filled with excitement, including good and bad realizations … things that can actually happen in our world in this day and time.

Highly recommended. A multi-genre Book you can read more than once and come back to and learn something new each time. Don’t hesitate to buy; you will be hooked once you read it. I can’t wait to read more books by this particular author.

This Truly is a Mind-Bending Story!

By Piaras O Cionnaoith

This is a fast-paced adventure about the war on terror and the potential nuclear holocaust that the world is now facing. Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a mind-bending tale that will take you on an extraordinary journey through time and space.

This really is an amazing story! I haven’t seen such creative expression from an author in such long a time. This is a well-crafted piece of fiction. I have no doubt that fans of this genre will love sinking their teeth into this one!

The story flows from scene to scene effortlessly, and the author shows exceptional ability when it comes to storytelling. With a mixture of New Age spiritual principles, this fascinating page-turner will give the reader much to think about regarding life, spirituality and the future of the human race.

The author undoubtedly seems to have his finger on the pulse of humanity. He has an uncanny ability to express our fears in this absolutely mind-blowing fiction … or is it? I guess with Quantum Physics, anything is possible!

A highly recommend read! It’s not that often I’m caught off guard … but this story definitely had me engaged from the beginning. It’s one of those rare stories that come along that makes you want to read it non-stop until you get to the end. I’m not giving anything away here. And this, I hope, will only add to the mystery!

Awe Inspiring

By M.

Is time travel real? Do we live in alternate or parallel realities? Is it possible or probable that we can change the future?

This story shows us human potential by taking a deeper look into two worlds: the unseen spiritual realm and the tangible physical reality. We get to decide if one is more important or less than the other. Is it possible to only live in one without the other?

This story guides us into a truth beyond words. At the age of twelve, Eric meets an enlightened teacher, when he gets separated temporarily from his parents. They are on a vacation in Jerusalem. He spends only a short time with the master, while he learns insights and meditation. He has to leave, but the chance meeting changes him indefinitely.

Years later, Eric and his wife get a letter from the Tibetan master, Shimahn, requesting they visit his ashram in Tibet. He has a plan that if implemented could affect the future of mankind. They must let go of what they know and attempt to change the past, to save the future.

In the meantime, there is a mysterious ship spotted between Bermuda and Newport, Rhode Island. It is believed to be a Pirate ship, but truth is much more threatening. The plot was unpredictable and clever. The author makes accurate references to stories from biblical history, and although it is fiction, world history is woven into the tale in a beautifully believable way.

There are several stories happening simultaneously and are told seamlessly. This is a book I will read over and over.

Impressive One-of-a-Kind Tale!

By Erik Christian

The story of Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is extraordinary, to say the least. The book is written in a way that doesn’t conform to the cookie-cutter stereotype of other Apocalyptic books, and the author has done a great job of making it stand out. I was so deep into the story I couldn’t stop until I knew how Eric was going to change the circumstances that were happening to the world around him.

There is so much going on with this story I can’t even begin to explain. You will meet some pretty extraordinary people, and if you’re anything like me, you will feel a sense of underlying doom, as you imagine the very thing happening to our world now.

All the concepts expressed in the book are unique in that they explain something perfectly that is usually disregarded as unrealistic or impossible. The author knows his craft well, and all the terms (military, religious, political, etc.) used are correct, and all his characters are unique and complete.

I usually don’t think about “End-of-the-world” concepts, but this book had me thinking. I look at the news differently now. I want to participate more in spiritual practices, meditate and even eat better.

Thanks Don for a great book! It doesn’t feel like just a book, but a new scroll of some kind.

An amazing cross-genre read!

By Ricky M. Hansen Jr.       

Wow, there is not much else to be said about this book. I was blown away by the storyline, and how the author took the underlying themes and blended them together into one great, thought-provoking, multi-genre read. Most authors that attempt to do this fail as the reader gets taken all over the place, but Don Mardak has a way of writing that keeps a reader engaged and in-the-now.

The author outlines the history of life while detailing some of the most significant moments that have ever taken place. This was done to set the author up for the story that is about to take place (which I thought was brilliant.) The story was written with an amazing style with perfect words to paint the picture for our mystic minds. You can tell that the author is well-educated which comes out in the book along with the underlying tones of spiritual lessons.

Ex. “These are the generations of mankind: the progeny of Adam and Eve. The “man of earth” lives in an imaginary world of dualistic distortions.

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline will introduce you to some great characters that will take you on a journey through time travel. You will feel like you are right there inside the book and the command room. The incorporation of God into the story came at just the right times to add just the right spice to the book. I was challenged mentally, spiritually, and as a reader, as this book is filled with intelligent highly engaging conversation.

I give this great book two thumbs up! Mr. Mardak did a masterful job of taking the story that was in his mind and putting it on paper. That is hard to do, but he did it very, very well. I can see why Armageddon was a finalist in the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards.

I loved it!

By K Bauer     

Don Mardak is an amazing writer who places you immediately into the thick of things.

The title makes you believe that you will be reading another boring book about the end of the world. But that is not at all what I came away with after finishing this book. What I came away with was a deeper understanding of faith and Christianity as it should be. And an eye opener of what our world is like, and how if we do not choose a different path, this book of fiction could be our reality some day.

This is not a book to be just read once. It is a book you must read many times, to have a clear understanding of its meaning. I have read it three times and each time, I have come away with something different.

Hats off to you Don Mardak and your unbelievable writing skills. I will definitely be the first to purchase another book from you!

Great read. Really excellent book.

By Helen Anderson

I am a huge fan of Armageddon. “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity,” by Don Mardak is truly an amazing book. It is an awesome blend of political conflicts, time traveling and spiritual incidents. Each turn of events will take you to a different horizon and will keep you breathless. You cannot simply put it down because your mind will get stuck thinking, “what is next?”

Had a great time reading it. The characters and the locations depicted here are truly breathtaking. And it is also very exciting to find out how this fast-paced novel attracts you. The war on terror, the spiritual divine teachings and the time traveling concept; all three of these elements brought together perfectly here. The shattering war scenarios and the spiritual moves are fascinating. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best and most unique novels i have read in a long, long time.

The future of mankind can be easily seen here. The author did an amazing job with that one. I also felt the powerful relation between fiction and reality upon finishing this incredible novel. As human beings what we do on earth can be awful and/or amazing at the same time. And how Mardak has put these facts here will captivate your mind in no time.

I highly recommend this one of a kind genius creation. A++

Astonishing Mix of Several Genres in One Book.,

By Michael    

As a reader of several books of fiction a year, I usually have an idea of where these books are headed, or how they end by the 2nd or 3rd chapter. It’s hard to surprise a hardcore bookworm like me. But Don Mardak’s Armageddon and the 4th Timeline does just that. Surprises me. Even stunned me.

What I took for a typical Tom Clancy type thriller, is way more than that. In fact this book has everything that a Clancy fan would want in one; but what makes it special is the extraordinary combination of several genres and the strong spiritual and philosophical content that shines through the entire book. It’s obvious to the reader that the writer Don is a very spiritual man, who has thought deeply on religion, philosophy and metaphysics. This book gives him a wonderful opportunity to expound on his higher thoughts, while at the same time writing an exciting, heart-stopping geopolitical action thriller.

I want to talk of the philosophy contained in this book before I tell you about the plot – which I’ll do very briefly as several other reviewers have already discussed the plot threadbare. Some people may disapprove of the strong spiritual content in this book – but I loved it. I think it’s very important for us to grow in our lives, and adopting a more spiritual outlook towards life is an important part of this. In this book, Don offers an extraordinary vision of Singularity, or Oneness between God and man, as opposed to Duality – where God and man are separate. Don’s thoughts are an amazing combination of Christian Mysticism, and the best of Eastern philosophies. The following lines from the book make Don’s thoughts crystal clear.

“There is only one Life and It is eternal. There is only one Consciousness and It is infinite.”


“God is not just within your soul, but is actually the substance of your soul. Therefore, your soul is infinite. God does not just give you Life, but is actually living as your Life, the essence of what you are. For Life is eternal, It never begins and It never ends”.

While I’ve read many thrillers in the past, I confess to not reading too many books on religion and spirituality and philosophy – so for people like me, this book is a gradual initiation into much better and bigger things.

Now, the plot. (I’ll keep this brief, as promised earlier) : Don has written at least 2-3 books in a single one. In the first,The United States and the rest of the Western world are under attack from Islamic extremists, with numerous nuclear bomb blasts and suicide attacks in all major cities of the world. We fight back – which leads to people in Islamic countries hating the US even more, resulting in a world on the brink of destruction and annihilation.

In the second book within the book, we are introduced to a wonderful young spiritual couple, Eric and Kathy, on a visit to a revered 106-year-old Buddhist monk in Tibet. The monk sets Eric on a mission to save the world, by going into a Five-Dimensional world of Space, Time and Spirituality, and through Eric, we do a lot of fun time travel through history (the third book within the book), meeting some of the great souls of our past such as Moses, the Apostles Paul and Peter, and finally (believe it or not), Adam and Eve. How does Eric change the course of world history, save it from a course of mutual destruction and change the world for the better? Read the book and find out.



At its heart, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is an incredibly entertaining yarn, in which the two threads of narrative: one set in the present and the other thousands of years in the past, provide the perfect vessels for author Don Mardak ‘s adventure time travel story.

Let me suffice it to say that I had goose bumps while reading the book. it is a narrative that will sweep you off your feet. The suspense, the excitement mounts perfectly, thanks to the author’s fine literary craftsmanship. Even reading the first few sample chapters will show you what I am speaking of.

Overall, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a book that will stay with you long after you’ve read it. Richly imagined, intricately textured, and deeply provocative, it is a well-crafted story that is as laden with meaning as it is entertaining.

Both fans and non-fans of the genre will find this a delightful read. It fully deserves all the five-star ratings.

Incredible from start to finish

By Lucidity

I am blown away by how well this book is crafted. I didn’t really know what to expect at first, as usually books through kindle are a ‘hit or miss,’ but the author has really found something special with the plot and execution of this story.

Within the first chapter I knew this was going to be a wild ride, and I found myself hooked to the point that I was reading this whenever I had free time. The story is captivating in a manner that it immersed me right in and even though I hadn’t heard of Don Mardak up until this book, he’s now already up there with some of the best, most seasoned writers of the genre by my standards, and I am sure many others out there will be able to agree with me. I highly recommend it for any fans of the genre that are looking for a fresh, well-written new addition.

For these reasons, I can’t possibly give this book any less than the 5 stars that it deserves.

Fantastic Journey – Left Me Wanting More

By Tricia Abney (Florida)

“Time travel books fascinate me and leave me enthralled. Throw in some adventure and a few life lessons and you’ll have me hooked. The Outlander series is my all-time favorite so I had a feeling that this one would hit the mark for me as well. It definitely did!

The fact that the main characters in the book, Kathy and Eric, are a couple is also very compelling to me as these sorts of pairings lend themselves to a lot of chemistry and interesting dialogue, not to mention the history that you can pull from these strong relationships. The fact that they are also two people who are on a path of spiritual enlightenment brings a necessary element to the story.

Another of the genres that I really enjoy that is woven in here nicely is that of the military or political thriller. The fact that a lot of the plot in the book has to do with thwarting an unthinkable threat from terrorist organizations brings it into this realm for sure. What sets it apart however, is how the main characters set out to neutralize the threat.

This is definitely a book with spiritual messages and teachings, presented in an incredibly intelligent and unique manner. The science fiction woven in, along with the history lessons, is just awesome. As the title suggests, the answers lie in using The 4th Timeline, which is a way to affect an alternative outcome.

I found Armageddon and the 4th Timeline to be an absolute page-turner and sincerely hope that there is more to come from author Don Mardak.

Imaginative and well-informed

By kindreative 

Occasionally a book comes along that ticks all the boxes: visionary, a page-turner, thought provoking, highly original and educational all at the same time!

This is an imaginative story about enlightenment, living through spiritual principles and the future of mankind and where we are headed. This book will appeal to spiritual seekers on the search for enlightenment and truth, and there’s something to interest and entertain fans of all genres.

It’s extremely well written and a thoroughly enjoyable read, full of twists and turns, encouraging the reader to see world events through a variety of different viewpoints.

I particularly liked the thought provoking exploration of events in world history and the exploration of some of the current political situations around the world. The author is clearly extremely intelligent, well informed and well read, and this is a fascinating read through which everyone can learn something about themselves and the world around them. Themes covered include the war on terror, time travel and the teaching of spiritual principles, making this a mystical fantasy that will both delight and inform the reader at the same time!

Follow Kathy and Eric through an epic journey involving time travel and eternal life!

I recommend this book to all.

A masterpiece that blurs the line between fact and fiction!

By Jean S.

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a convergence of various elements of conflict, alternate reality, and new-age principles. This is quite massive in its coverage and the complexity is challenging and thought-provoking. Reading it can instill a bit of fear because some scenarios have the possibility of happening. It’s such an engaging read with subplots that continually baffle the mind.

Concepts such as time travel and alternate worlds are presented with plausibility and urgency. I’m just in awe of the way the author puts all these elements together and make it coherent and extremely entertaining.

There’s a lot to like in this novel and it is indeed an exciting adventure through space and time. This is a masterpiece that blurs the line between fact and fiction.


By Jenice Alexander

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is the best book I have read this summer! After reading the book for about an hour, I took a break and wrote the name of the author on a piece of paper. I found several other books written by Don Mardak and I imagine I will find more books by Mr. Mardak in the future.

Getting back to the book, the future of mankind hangs in the balance in this cleverly written work of fiction. Several themes are entwined in the book so you get the fast moving excitement of a Tom Clancy novel with the reflections and spiritualism of Richard Brach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

I loved going back in time and visiting Moses and other Bible characters! Don’t worry, it was done respectfully and was not blasphemous in any way.

A very thought-provoking book! Oh, our leading character, Eric, has a strong lady by his side, which to me just seems right.

I honestly couldn’t put this book down!

Fast-paced, well structured, very exciting reading

By Danielle Schiller

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity 

I never thought there is a way to mix mystical concepts and global threats into such a fascinating story! I needed to stay focused all throughout the book as this mix is at times very complex – but this is exactly what I find as great talent in a writer – if he manages to draw my attention completely – he is a very good one; if I like it too – he is an amazing one.

And I can easily qualify Don Mardak in the latter category, because he managed to mix so well real terrorist facts, life lessons with an end-of-the-world-mystical-fictional story, and all under the governance of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – with which the book both begins and ends.

Take this exciting journey through past, present, facts and fiction – because that’s exactly how it feels each time you turn the page – you will not regret it!

Beautifully Written Mystic Tale

By A Wondering Dawn     

I purchased this book after finding quite a few rave reviews about it online. I love fantasy books, specifically ones with a bit of a spiritual influence. With that being said I’m not typically a fan of fast action-paced books or things that have a subtle sci-fi theme, both of which were involved in this story. But, after reading it, I can honestly say this book is one of my exceptions.

The scenery throughout the entire story is extremely vivid. And as the scenery changes, so will your imagination. The author does such an exquisite job of properly transporting you to wherever it is he wants you (and his characters) to go. This is by far one of the best books I have read where the author did such an immaculate job of describing the places in his story. Some authors leave such details up to the reader’s imagination. This author, instead, accentuates your imagination- giving you a vivid and fluid interpretation of what he wants you to see. I love books where I can sit down and feel as though I’m truly a part of them while I read them. The scenery in this book allowed me to do that.

One of my favorite fantasy themes is time travel. I especially love books that incorporate that into their storyline. This book did so very tastefully. Some stories go over-the-top with their time travel theme, making it much more complicated than it needs to be. Sometimes the authors ruin the concept entirely with their storyline. But this book did a magnificent job of taking the time travel backdrop and using it wisely rather than carelessly. It was written in a realistic way that wasn’t stupidly over-done. In fact I really enjoyed the time travel aspect and found this book to be one of my favorites with that theme. The author did a great job of creating the right circumstances and environments to go along with that kind of feature.

But what really inspired me most about this book was the spiritual undertone that gave forth really unique answers to life questions. It’s a thought-provoking read, which is unique for its action-filled genre. You won’t often find books about futuristic war-like situations that also want to address a spiritual side of things. Most are written for entertainment, but I think this book was written for societal influence as well.

Nevertheless, even if you’re not looking for any kind of spiritual awakening, you’ll love the action tone of this book (if you’re into that sort of thing). I don’t typically opt for these kinds of stories, but found myself so deeply engrained in the characters and scenery that everything fell into place and I was turning the pages as fast as I could. There are many high points in the book, many very fast scenes that really force you to eye through the paragraphs as fast as you can. The book takes you all the way to the end with a sense of suspense and longing for the next word. It was a unique read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s definitely not typically my kind of book, but I think it has a bit of something for everyone, and almost anyone could find it tasteful and fun to read.

Simply Superb

By Lee

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This book caught my attention straight away, it literally takes the Armageddon genre, which is frankly over-saturated nowadays and takes it in a completely different direction. What makes it stand out is the unique blend of disaster, science and religion.

The scary thing about this book is the fact it is so realistic. You can actually imagine something like this happening in the real world with all the unrest. This just helps to engage you even more into the plot.

I’ve found in the past that some sci-fi books end up getting bogged down in technical jargon and drawn out sequences, almost like the author is just satisfying their needs instead of putting the readers interests first. This certainly does not fall into that trap. I was completely engrossed from start to finish as the plot twisted one way and another throwing up countless surprises along the way.

The characters only added to my enjoyment. I found them to be believable which I feel is an underrated element in books these days. To truly engage readers authors must create characters that are relatable to. Often this is not the case but this book was an exception so credit must go to the author.

Don Mardak clearly has a talent for writing but also a passion. I can see the time and energy he has put into crafting this book and I commend it. Overall, this is arguably the best book I have read all year, a fantastic tale that thoroughly entertained me. Five stars is the only rating that will do justice to this epic.

Setting the Bar

By Let’s Read Charles    

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline has definitely set the bar in its genre. It is thought-provoking, entrancing, and filled to the brim with gut-wrenching and hold-your-breath events. It played on several themes, which may be challenging to notice like, the war on terror, but also spiritual principles were conveyed in rather sophisticated manners. Of course, it goes without saying that time travel is an integral aspect of the entire book.

I found myself taking pause throughout the novel to reflect on parallels to the real world. Armageddon and the 4th Timeline was something so spectacular to discover, and I would encourage as many readers as possible to dive in. It’s also a great discussion piece – something that I will be encouraging among my circles. Truly, feeling enlightened!

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline

By kaite

Armageddon, time travel, alternate realities, this book certainly packs in the content!

I’ve read a lot of modern science fiction books and was expecting this to follow a similar track, but it’s so much more than that. It’s one of those rare books that actually makes you think, not just about the characters and their dangerous position, but about our own perilous existence. You really get a sense of the magnitude of time, of human history, of big ideas that don’t necessarily enter your day-to-day consciousness.

I think the author demonstrates beautifully how it is possible to convey complex philosophical and spiritual problems in a thoroughly entertaining way. Fast, engaging and thought provoking, I totally recommend it.

It’s not just a great Sci-Fi book, it’s a great book full stop!

The Devil Is In the Details


Truth is told I have been on a journey to replace my Robert Ludlum addiction. For years. I have read and reread all my favs; they never get old. That would be the real Ludlum, not the ghost-written, watered-down version of late that eschewed his sense of detail.

I like detail in a book. I like a micromanaging writer who takes control of the words they write. I want to read a book by a control freak who wants to use words to describe a story their way.

Found him!

I adore this writer. The sense of detail in this nuclear Armageddon delight, well, it’s AMAZING. I loved every page and paragraph from beginning to end.

The real jewel in this crown of fiction is the sub-plotting. Not often is there an author with the chops of Don Mardak. He has successfully created a book with subplots that are integral to the main story due to his creativity. Yes, many authors want to do it, many others try and do it. Very few of them succeed achieving this level of solid story telling in each subplot.

Unlike less stellar efforts of sub-plotting, each of these story lines have a beginning, middle and end, with a lynch pin connecting them all together. I refuse to give away spoilers so I don’t rehash plot. Read the blurb the author wrote to share with you.

I want to tell you about the character development. They are more than just superficial plot bunnies contrived to move the story forward. Each character is created with substance, pathos and yes my fav …  flaws. Nothing makes me happier than a flawed hero

Eric and Kathy have the perfect energy together in my opinion. I love the combined effort of their strengths and weaknesses. Viewing them together, McMillan and Wife have nothing on these two.

The natural flow between them allowed for a believable story line when it came to the more mystical or fantasy aspects of this book. Their characters carry the story but not in a bad way. In a way that feels right.

I know this is not a concise review, but there is so much to say about this soon-to-be best seller. I am giving the book a five because there is so much I have left unsaid due to space. Let the five stand as my statement for the entire positive I was not able to cover in this review.

Just so you know, you will need time to finish this book. It is not a thirty-page kindle throw-away.

Well done, Don Mardak.

An Amazing Reading Experience

By Amorous

After discovering that this book was a finalist in the ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year Awards and that it just won the silver medal in two categories of the 2014 eLit Electronic Book Awards and a silver medallion in the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, it landed on my must-read list.

Author, Don Mardak, pulls off multiple underlying messages in an eye-opening complex novel of mystical fantasy. He starts with a timeline that leads to the present circumstances of the story plot and does a remarkable job of intertwining historical facts into the story to help the reader understand what might have led to the present circumstance of the fictional story that he writes. In doing this, the reader starts to see the depth of this novel and that our current-day circumstances if not changed can lead to doom. This is a science fiction work that urges for the collective consciousness of humankind. However, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline goes beyond this message and gives a radical spiritual revelation. The secret of transcending time and space, is reaching a higher level of awareness that will profoundly change lives and the world as we know it. Mardak uses the plot of time travel explained with quantum physics and explores the concept of past lives to convey these messages in a fascinating manner.

No other word, but evocative can describe this novel in my mind. In the midst of fast-paced action, vivid imagery, and thorough character development, there lay three thought-provoking themes, making it a multi-genre read. I found this book to be to the caliber of a Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn novel, with a war-on-terror theme that is spine chilling. There lay a teaching of spiritual principles, which I enjoyed as much as those of Richard Bach in “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” and “Illusions”. All of that is set against a backdrop of time travel. A truly amazing reading experience, indeed!

Awe Inspiring!

By James

I’m not sure how I stumbled across Don Mardak’s excellent book “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline”, and in some ways it doesn’t matter, except that on some level, I feel like I was meant to find and read this amazing piece of work. In a nut shell, this is a really deep and mystical novel that uses so many highly relevant topics to the world we live in, including the climate of war and the potential for the complete destruction of the human race and the world we live in. So on one level, it’s an awesome adventure, with a whole range of subplots, written in an appropriately fast paced, yet thoughtful manner, taking us to many places around the world, including Israel and Germany, in addition to crossing over the boundaries between science and religion.

The thing I think I loved most about “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline,” was that it literally blew my mind on every single page. It reminded me of those psychological / philosophical thought experiments in some places, such that while I was being dragged into the story (not sure if dragged is quite right, more like I was running after it, trying to keep up, wanting to be right in the story itself) it was expanding and opening my mind, making me think about me, myself and I, plus my place in the world and everything in it, if that makes sense.

But I think also one of Mardak’s real strength is not just story telling, but also his ability to develop his characters, to make them highly relatable – take Lori or Eric’s wife Kathy for instance. The interactions, the depth of character and the way they acted – truly inspiring. In summary – this book is simply amazing and I‘m already searching through Mardak’s other works to give them a go too!


Thought provoking

By Oscar

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

Having purchased this on a day off whilst at home I decided there was no better time to start reading. Several hours passed before I even looked up again as I immersed myself in the story. Rarely do books like this come along, so in-depth and brilliantly crafted with underlying messages and examinations of the real world.

In a genre flooded with similar sounding books this one rises above the rest. It’s not your typical Armageddon story, sure there is plenty of adventure and action but its multi layered. There are religious elements, physics related content and most interestingly of all, an examination of the sometimes self-destructive motives and actions of humans. Maybe the reason this book had such a thought-provoking effect on me is because you can actually imagine similar events unfolding in real life.

Even with all these different strands the plot itself is fast paced and each page flows. I was worried that the story may suffer due to the underlying messages the book has, but that moment never came. From start to finish, I was completely compelled. The characters are well rounded and their actions were realistic considering the surreal environment they inhabit.

To summarize, I have to say that I’m very impressed. Managing to create such an in-depth book is no easy task; very few could pull it off, but the author, Don Mardak, manages to without sacrificing any of the action and suspense. This is a truly brilliant book that will last long in the memory of any readers.

A marvelous and thought-provoking read!

By Chenelle Morris

This book is an excellent and unique concept, which I have never read before. In all honesty, the book kept me at the edge of my chair the whole time. The twists and turns of the plot is what made it so amazing to me. The characters were flawlessly conceptualized.

What I loved most about the book is how alive the characters became to me, like I was in another zone. I loved the vivid descriptions, and I can just imagine all the things Mardak created in his own little world becoming real. This book truly opened up my eyes to spiritual things I could have never imagined.

The plot had a very good outline, and I loved how it tackled head on the issues that plague us in the world today. There is always the issue of war where there is religion, and wherever there is religion, it is contradicted by science. The back and forth of the plot in this book really created an interesting and thought-provoking novel. It truly raised some philosophical questions that have been  asked for generations.

This book is a perfect read for those interested in the end of times interpretations in the world. It will also expose you to some realities you never thought existed. I found the spiritual aspect most intriguing and could easily identify with the book.

In all, I think that this was an Outstanding Creation.

Christian Mysticism at its Best

By B. Nelson “Book Reviewer”      

This book mirrors today’s real threats to national security and the entire planet. The prophetic story line is about Eric’s quest to prevent Armageddon. The plot contains three parallel and crossing themes- the war against terrorists, time travel to the past, and ascending to 5-dimensional awareness. Reading this book is vital because if we do not solve our differences and stop the hate we could be propelled back to the stone age.

Eric seeks guidance from his Tibetan Master to rise above today’s conflicts. That guidance helps empower him to transcend  4-dimensional space-time, and he makes three journeys back in time to prevent Armageddon.

The prophetic story line mirrors today’s realities and some military events and intelligence gathering. People and events are fictionalized, however, readers are able to make some correlations to today’s real people, events, and actions.

The book is dedicated “to all seekers of Truth…for answers to their most basic questions about the nature of ultimate reality.”

The author is a 40-year scholar of Christian mysticism. His mission is to open in others the “inflow of the Spirit.”

This book is one-of-a-kind. It will help us to mold our own destiny with the help of Spirit.


By Biz Carlton

Part allegory, part spy thriller and part meditation on the fate of human kind, this is a book that you can’t read halfheartedly. The twists and challenges start right from the beginning and continue without letup throughout the novel. It’s one of those books that you have to put down from time to time in order to really think about what you’ve just read. And one of those rare books that make you think about subjects you thought you had no interest in.

From Tibet to Tel Aviv, from the war on terror to the theory of relativity, and from Buddhism to the apostles Paul and Peter, this book is something of a roller-coaster ride. With every new plot turn and every new area, the reader of this highly entertaining fantasy novel is asked to consider acknowledged truths in another way.

I am not a devotee of science fiction, yet I was intrigued from the very beginning of the novel, where time travel is explained in a way I’ve never before encountered. As I read on, I was impressed by the detailed history and spiritual elements that are woven expertly together into a thrilling story about an alternate world and alternate realities.

I found the book strangely moving and also incredibly smart, compelling and provocative.

Incredibly Thought Provoking & Engaging

By R. Coker

What I liked about this novel was that it was as thought provoking and insightful as it was incredibly entertaining. Author Don Mardak hooks you within a few pages, drawing you into a complicated and bloody dance of war and violence as the world hovers on the brink of destruction… leaving you grasping for a center as the story progresses. This is a novel that bounces from thoughtful prose to action-packed entertainment, never once failing in providing a thoroughly enjoyable ride that makes you think and makes you gasp in delight in equal turn.

The novel is well crafted with strong detail that allows the reader to feel as if they have truly gone to another world, another dimension where all things are possible and where humanity has a chance to reinvent itself if it only takes that chance. The story is smart, insightful and vibrantly engaging, a combination of mystical fantasy, fast-paced action, human drama and complicated emotion.

Overall, this was a thoroughly entertaining read that kept me sucked into the story from the first page to the last, and Don Mardak has certainly made an impression. It was well worth the read.

Absolutely Brilliant!

By David

I have to tell you this is the type of story that I have not had the pleasure of enjoying before; it’s absolutely perfect!

I have been reading so many sci-fi/ action/ adventure pieces lately and this book sets the bar like no other. This novel is so intense and tugs at so many of my emotions that it left me speechless.

This is a book I think everyone should read at least once in their lifetime, because yes, this is a once-in-a-lifetime-experience!

So grab a copy and indulge in the story that the genius Don Mardak has shared with us!

Great Book!

By MaryAnn

This review is for: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline

This book was wonderful, and I truly appreciated how every aspect of the story was addressed with some sort of closure or new beginning! The story was utterly amazing, just wonderful. Don Mardak works wonders with his words.

The pages were moving so fast in anticipation of the next chapter that I could barely keep up. Thank you Don Mardak for a great journey. This book kept me alive! I had to read to figure out everything. I personally thought the symbolism of good versus evil was great, and adding in human help was a good idea.

The story kept me on edge and wanting more every second. Thrilling like a roller-coaster ride with many twists and turns. “Armageddon” is a great choice for people of all ages. I loved this book. I would recommend it to just about anyone.

Fantastic and mind bending read!

By Vladislav

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This book has exceeded my expectations page after page. I was a zombie during the two days it took me to read the book; I just couldn’t get myself to put it down.

Mr. Mardak spins together a beautifully crafted tale that will surely become the gem of any personal library. The author takes you on an out of-this-world adventure filled with time travel and page turning excitement.

In his own way, Mardak attempts to expand your mind and, thus, the book will have you stopping to think from time to time. It is really a marvelous thing when a book has such appeal to the reader that it can make you think about the concepts and reflect for hours after reading.

Throughout the entire story, Mardak demonstrated his deep understanding of spirituality, as well as history. This knowledge made this read much more interesting and informative, as well as unbelievably entertaining.

Intelligent and entertaining

By K.N. Lee    

You quickly realize that the author of this book is incredibly intelligent and definitely did his research when writing this incredibly entertaining book. Religion, history, science, and fantasy combine to create one remarkable piece of work. Fast paced and full of action and suspense, you’ll be wrapped in a tale of impending doom. And to top it all off…there’s time travel!

I found myself held in captivated attention from beginning to end and am feverishly looking for more work from this author. A must-read!!!


By Danielle Marie

This is a book that made me stop and think for a long while. Fantasy intertwined in reality, this book doesn’t seem too far from the truth. Based on real events in history, and the present dilemma our world finds itself in, Mardak has created a world that is eerily real and possibly where we’re headed.

More often than not, modern fiction leaves me wanting more. I miss classics written by Richard Bach, and Armageddon and the 4th Timeline while not written in the same fashion, makes me think and ponder life the way Bach could. Fiction that demands to be devoured and turned around over and over while contemplating life’s biggest questions is always a winner.

The story line is excellent, very exciting and fast-paced, but the big questions beg you to slow down a bit and digest the words on each page.

Highly recommended

By Anonymous

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is one of the most unusual and thought-provoking novels I have read in a long time. It transports the reader into an alternate universe, kind of an enchanted dream that begins with time travel and journeys through spirituality, quantum material science, God, end times, government corruption, religious fanaticism, war, apocalypse and the interplay between fiction and reality.

The plot centers around an international disaster precipitated by Islamic terrorists, and around the experiences of a married couple on a spiritual journey in Tibet. The novel uses time travel to explore different spiritual principles and to theorize about the necessity of war and the possibility of alternate realities co-existing in the same place at the same time.

The book is tautly written and sometimes dense and challenging in that it asks the reader to examine commonly held beliefs and look at the world in a new way. From the very beginning it is thought provoking, intriguing, and almost impossible to put down.

It is the kind of book that you want to recommend to friends and family so that you can talk about it with them! Highly recommended.

For Truth Seekers Who Love an Action-Packed Fantasy

By Alex Prosper 

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity

Would you travel through time if you could to save the future from Armageddon? This was a great read because it really got me thinking about so much—spiritual principles, from Christianity to new-age practices, the impact of the “war on terror,” the continuing potential of nuclear holocaust events, and how we are dually affected by global military events and our own very personal spiritual and consciousness development. Whoa, right?

The narrative is smooth and well-written, making this a page turner, but it’s also full of juicy ideas that make you want to slow down and ponder. Ultimately it’s empowering and inspirational, in part because of the author’s skill in provoking thoughts of peace and development, and in part because all the complexities of the book are skillfully woven to a memorable resolution. This would be a great book group read, because you definitely will want to talk about all of the themes.

Simply Incredible!

By Rich Blaisdell

“Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity,” by Don Mardak, is an impossible-to-put-down mystical fantasy that makes the reader think of deep issues while being entertained with a fast-paced adventure.

The plot of the novel is centered on the potential for disaster as a result of conflict between heavily armed factions; this is only a very broad overview, however. The novel is really an intricate web of subplots, involving spirituality, politics, the military, and time travel. One of the exciting things about the novel is that the reader is taken to many different locations, from Hamburg, Germany to Tel Aviv, Israel.

The characters in the book are well-written and perfectly relay the excitement of the situations to the reader. The highlight of the book, however, is that it brings together three themes: the war on terror, spiritual teachings, and the idea of time travel. These themes are brought together in a way that creates a fascinating, thought-provoking book.

If you are someone who wants a mystical-fantasy book that is incredibly exciting (yet you can also learn from it), then I HIGHLY recommend “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline” to you.

Midwest Book Review

Small Press Bookwatch – Reviewer’s Choice

Synopsis: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a mystical fantasy with three interweaving themes. First, it is a fast-paced adventure about the war on terror and the potential nuclear holocaust that the world is now facing. Second, Armageddon is a mind-bending odyssey through time and space, as one young man named Eric makes three journeys back in time in an attempt to alter some important event that might change the future. New-age spiritual principles are mixed in throughout this riveting page-turner, giving the reader much to think about life, spirituality, and the future of mankind.

Critique: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline documents Wisconsin author Don Mardak as a singular talent as he deftly weaves a seminal, complex, action-adventure science-fiction fantasy that will hold the reader’s rapt attention non-stop from beginning to end. Especially recommended for sci-fi enthusiasts, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to community library collections. It should be noted that the book is also available in a Kindle edition.

A Little Too Possible

By Momto4BookLover 

Reading a book like this makes you want to hug your loved ones a little tighter. The scenarios that happen in Armageddon and the 4th Timeline are not far fetched. In fact you can easily imagine it happening. And soon!

The plot has a lot of Christianity woven into it. As someone who has been a devout Catholic from birth, I can assure you that the author is well versed in Christianity and everything is spot on. Even if you are not a Christian I would not let that deter you from reading the book, as it is still an amazing read.

I also want to point out how well the time travel aspect was done. If done correctly it’s one of my all time favorite elements in a book, but very, very, very few authors can pull it off effectively. Much to my happy surprise this novel was probably the most-well-done I have ever read.

Overall this book is a solid five stars and I will be telling everyone I know about it.

Way more than I expected!

By Sue     

Wow, this book was something else! And I mean that in the best way possible! I’m still reeling from it. When a book has me thinking about it well after I’ve finished it, I know I’ve got a keeper.

It was a perfect blend of sci-fi, action thriller and New Age spirituality. From the start it was gripping and thrilling, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. Real world threats added a sense of “Whoah, this could really happen!” that heightened the suspense and tension. Add in the totally believable theories and rationale behind the time travel and the profound life principles and Wow.

Yeah, as you can see, I really loved this book.

There were many intriguing and credible characters with action taking place throughout multiple locations around the world. The story was wove in a way that really had me reading up late into the night.

Definitely recommended if you want something that will vastly entertain and expand your mind!

Review of Armageddon and the 4th Timeline by Book Viral 

In a world faced with violence and the potential of cataclysmic annihilation, what if the only means to save mankind existed in an alternate reality?

We live in uncertain times. The underlying threat of nuclear proliferation and the probable spread of weapons of mass destruction exist throughout the world. While the United States’ military and intelligence communities pull out all stops in an effort to prevent a nuclear holocaust, one man—encouraged by his enlightened Tibetan Master—strives to rise above this arena of conflicting forces. Can he find a place in the past where altering a key event could change the future and prevent Armageddon?

Thought provoking and unerringly relevant to the times in which we live, Armageddon And The 4th Timeline is the second exciting novel from author Don Mardak. A superb adventure that transcends time and space, Mardak adds a unique and powerful twist to an ever-burgeoning number of apocalyptic tales. Fiction it may well be, but there is no denying the intensity of thought that pervades Mardak’s underlying thematic commentary, with a palpable sense of urgency and legitimacy coming to the fore.

Yes, there are strong religious overtures that lean towards his own beliefs, but he is ever careful to present them in a way that diffuses any sense of prejudice. First and foremost, he has written a well-paced and thrilling mystical fantasy. Underpinned by an ambitious and well-executed plot, his narrative is always on the mark, whilst superbly drawn characters and dialogue add to an overall sense of authenticity. Irrespective of a reader’s beliefs, it’s a hard book to read without much timely reflection.

Powerful, thought provoking and highly entertaining, Armageddon & The 4th Timeline has all the hallmarks of a classic. Deserving of your attention, it is recommended without reservation!

This book caught my attention straight away

By Anonymous

This book caught my attention straight away, it literally takes the Armageddon genre which is frankly oversaturated nowadays and takes it in a completely different direction. What makes it stand out is the unique blend of disaster, science and religion.

The scary thing about this book is the fact it is so realistic. You can actually imagine something like this happening in the real world with all the unrest. This just helps to engage you even more into the plot. I’ve found in the past that some sci-fi books end up getting bogged down in technical jargon and drawn out sequences, almost like the author is just satisfying their needs instead of putting the readers interests first. This certainly does not fall into that trap.

I was completely engrossed from start to finish as the plot twisted one way and another throwing up countless surprises along the way. The characters only added to my enjoyment. I found them to be believable which I feel is an underrated element in books these days.

To truly engage readers authors must create characters that are relatable to. Often this is not the case but this book was an exception so credit must go to the author. Don Mardak clearly has a talent for writing but also a passion. I can see the time and energy he has put into crafting this book and I commend it.

Overall this is arguably the best book I have read all year, a fantastic tale that thoroughly entertained me. Five stars is the only rating that will do justice to this epic.

Thought Provoking, Well-Written Novel About Time Travel, Mysticism, and Armageddon

By  Erica Lucas

Armageddon and the Fourth Timeline is a mystical fantasy (to use the author’s words) that spans centuries and timelines, from before the birth of Christ to the apocalypse.

The story itself switches back and forth between war rooms—both those of the U.S. and those in other countries—and the experience of a married couple at an ashram in Tibet. In the war rooms, the various countries are concerned about other country’s terrorist capabilities and protecting their own borders and citizens.

In the ashram, Eric and Kathy are discussing the possibilities of time travel with Shimahn, a Himalayan mystic who explains that time travel doesn’t need a ship or a wormhole, but rather is an exercise in consciousness, and is related to God and eternal life. In fact, Shimahn himself has lived through and remembers a devastating apocalypse on Earth, and he needs Eric to travel back into time and alter the course of history to avoid a terrible future.

Armageddon and the Fourth Timeline is well written and complex, especially when the timelines begin to overlap and alternate; however, it is riveting enough that it’s easy to pay attention and keep things straight. The scenes in the government boardrooms add tension in the present, while Eric’s journeys into the past are fascinating windows into what life might have been like then. The concepts of souls spanning centuries (and soul mates, as well) is also well developed and thought provoking.

I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy books on mysticism, time travel, apocalypse, and thoughtful contemporary fiction in general.

“Armageddon” ‘t pass this book by! @badwordplay

By Owen Robinson “joawmeens”   

When I saw this book on the digital shelves of my not-local-at-all Amazon store, I looked at the cover, and thought “Oh, this is a book along the lines of a DeGrasse-Tyson, or a Sagan, that explains about the universe. After I clicked it, I realized something: You should not judge a book, based on its cover. That’s a really good quote I just came up with; I should copyright it….

Anyway, while there are a lot of scientific and spiritual ideas in this “Armageddon”, this book is actually a fiction book. It deals with such minuscule and totally-into-important things such as time travel, religion and spirituality, and the potential and danger of an all-out nuclear world war. And one man trying to stop the possible end of the world. So you know, a lighthearted read…

I only make jokes about it, because I really enjoyed this book. It was refreshing to read an apocalyptic-type story that wasn’t about zombies for once. Do I sound like a psychopath for saying that? What I mean to say is, whether or not you believe that a zombie outbreak could happen (and I will debate anyone on that subject), that kind of apocalyptic story seems a couple of steps removed from reality. Like, if it happened, I think people could organize enough to get the outbreak contained. But a story like this is grounded so much into reality, that it makes it a lot more engaging, and a lot more unnerving to consider the real-life possibilities. Not that I’m one of those tin-foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists (it’s actually made out of ALUMINUM, thank you!), but it does make you consider things you probably never have before.

I think this is a very fascinating read, and a very well done fiction novel. I blew through this book, and I am curious to see what Mr. Mardak does next.

This one is different…

By Coco Wanders

My husband, who is a fan of Armageddon novels, recommended this book to me. He had no hope that I would like it, because I had never fallen in love with this kind of story. In the end, he was surprised to know that I plan to read this book again. “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline” really stands out from the crowd of books in this genre. It has the common adventurous element to make the story engaging and exciting.

Once you begin, you really want to go through it till the end. It also has science elements, the quantum physics kind of thing, and at the same time religious elements are blended in. This “3-in-1 formula” makes the story unique. I like that the main theme of this book isn’t far from the real world. The root of the crisis described in this book is not alien invasion or the like. It really is about conflicts and confrontation, which is the situation we are facing in the reality.

This story may be seen as a prophecy of the collapse of civilization if the armament race among nations and the ignorance of peace and harmony continue. If you are tired of reading all those “end of the world” novels featuring zombies chasing main characters, or horrible bloodshed scenes, you should give this book a shot.

Very impressive!

By Manchester

The story of Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is unique and captivating. The book is written in a way that doesn’t follow the trend of others in the same genre, and the author has done a great job of making it stand out by combining a unique blend of classic elements from other genres into a great mix that I’m sure even the most critical readers out there can find value in and appreciate.

Each character seems dynamic and special in their own specific way, each adding their own special substance and influence to how the story plays out. The author has done a great job of adding just the right amount of detail for everyone to seem almost life-like without going too over the top or to the point that there’s no element of mystery and suspense left.

I am very impressed with the overall plot and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future releases by Don Mardak.

Great mystical fantasy that will encourage you to think about science, religion, war, your life and much more!

By Yania

I love to read good inspirational and mystical books, and Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is definitely one of them! This is certainly not an ordinary story, far from it. Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a mystical fantasy, which contains many various elements and symbols of a great book that draws you into it: spirituality, mysticism, science, quantum physics, God, apocalypse, politics, war, end of the world, interplay of fiction and reality, and even time travel! It definitely will not leave you indifferent.

The book is really well written and exciting to read – it has great, extraordinary characters and many surprises. The story jumps back and forth between the various events, times and places, which makes reading even more interesting.

The book will encourage you to think not only about the war on terror and other events that are happening around the world, but also about the spiritual principles and finding the truth in your life.

Thought Provoking Fantasy Novel

By Amelia Wallace

I’m a huge fan of the fantasy genre so this book really caught my attention when I was reading the synopsis. I was captivated from the beginning. This book is engaging, and encourages the reader to probe some very complex and thought-provoking questions regarding religion, science, war, and spirituality.

This mystical fantasy includes themes such as the war on terror (making it a bit like a Tom Clancy or Vince Flynn novel), the teaching of spiritual principles, and touches upon time travel.

Don Mardak writes a vivid, intelligent and fascinating novel with great characters and a unique story line. If you’re a fan of fantasy or science fiction, Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is highly recommended.

Amazing Ending!

By Robyn C

A friend of mine suggested this book and I gotta tell ya I freaking love it! This probably is one of the best novels I have read in a long time. It is truly a unique piece of literature that captured my attention from the beginning to the end.

If you are looking for something that is fast-paced and something that just blows your mind with pretty much every word you read, then this is the book you want to get. “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline” is very well written and makes you really think about the society in which we live—at least it made me think a lot about it.

This is a well-written book that is at points startling, funny and brilliant. I was very impressed with how the book flowed. I was angered at times at the conclusions the author presented. Yet, I was mad at myself for having to consider these points, which the author made with reason and logic. This is a thought-provoking book.

Awesome Read

By Darrin     

Theology mixed with Steven Hawking mixed with politics. I absolutely loved this book. It captivates you from the first page through the last. The storyline is unique, which follows multiple scenarios and characters. I like that it is a work of fiction that borders what could potentially be a reality.

The author is very knowledgeable on the various topics brought up, which adds to the realism. Mind-blowing book in my opinion.

A Thoughtful, Imaginative and Thoroughly Enjoyable Read,

By L. Collins    

I have to say that when I first was recommended “Armageddon and the 4th Timeline” I was immediately intrigued, but what I actually found once I started reading was so much more than I imagined. Don Mardak has crafted a thoughtful novel that explores the all-too-real concepts of war, battling groups of humanity, and the possibility of total destruction that we as humans witness every day. He has woven together these concepts into a wondrously imaginative novel that blends them together with a bit of science fiction and mystical realism to create an idea in the form of a compelling story.

Mr. Mardak brings this story and the thoughtful views on the possible future of our society into focus in a wonderful way. Using vivid imagery, strong dialogue, unique concepts and a creative plot he weaves a story that keeps you eagerly engaged in the novel from beginning to end. This is well written with just the perfect balance of thoughtful insights and entertaining action.

Whether you came to read the novel because of it’s thoughtful allegory and the possibility of how we can reshape the future, or you came for the well-written action/adventure plot, this is a smart and entertaining book that doesn’t disappoint. I would definitely recommend this novel to readers who want an engaging story with an insightful concept to sink their teeth into.

A book not to be missed….thought-provoking, intelligent, potentially life-changing! So glad I read this book!

By T. Barlow “Running mum” (UK)  (REAL NAME)

I have been quite bowled over by this book. It is a thought-provoking, mind boggling piece of writing that will make you question your life and everything around you.

This is the story of Eric and Kathy and their path to spiritual enlightenment, but it is also the story of our world, what it has become, and Eric’s efforts to change the disastrous violent outcomes of the present age.

Eric is told by a Himalayan mystic that he has an important job to do, and Eric learns that he can travel through time to his previous existences in order to fulfill his destiny. This book takes us on this journey whilst also reminding us of the atrocities being committed on the present timeline. The story skips from one timeline to another.

The resolution of the story cannot be predicted but is very satisfying. It took me a few pages to become involved in this book, but then I was hooked! Don’t miss reading this book!

A must read for the thoughtful, mindful and enlightened. I was very pleased with this author and story

By Vinny

When asked to read the book Armageddon and the 4th Timeline by author Don Mardak and give my honest opinion, I was pleasantly surprised not to find it filled with aliens and zombies like so many other books of this genre. We humans are so quick to pass-the-buck of our own possible destruction on to something outside ourselves and out of our own control. Fortunately there are those among us like Don that see this dilemma we are in, as our own problems to solve and who also have the talent to write about it in such a way to keep it interesting as well as intensely thought provoking.

I hear people cry “Save the Planet.” Like there is something outside ourselves to save it from. The planet has survived worse than the atrocities we humans commit by taking it all back and starting over. We should all be finding ways to “Save Ourselves.” The planet will survive and rebuild from our human follies. The question is; will we survive the errors of our own human ways? What an arrogant and foolish species we are to think we need to be saved from anything but ourselves.

This book brings to light in a very entertaining way the errors we as an “intelligent” species are committing. They say that the mark of insanity is doing the same thing over-and-over again and expecting different results. Perhaps our insane leaders could be convinced to comprehend this thought and take it to heart when defining our fate as a species with their arrogant, short-sighted and war-mongering decisions made on our behalf. I’m sure there are a lot more “intelligent” species in our universe than ourselves. However, if they are smart enough to get here, they’re smart enough to see the errors of our ways and just wait until we “do ourselves in.” There will be no fight or invasion needed. The planet will welcome the newcomers with the same opportunities it gave us to get it right. I hope they do.

I really enjoyed reading this book by Don Mardak from beginning to end. The characters and story-line were well researched, thought out and presented in such a way as to appeal to a wide range of readers; providing it’s read with an open mind. The mix of science “fact?” with spirituality, history and possible future outcome makes for a very intelligent read. Although I’m not prone to reading a book twice; this book will be an exception and I’ll be returning to it time-and-again to pull more of the subtle nuggets of insight and wisdom from its pages.


By Tebutebu

I found this story really intriguing and could not put the book down. The author’s style of writing is superb and captivating and the story flows easily. This is my first book based on the apocalypse and I must say that I would like to read more books within this genre.

The author introduces us to a number of unique concepts a lot of them very unusual but also believable. We are taken on an adventure from America to Tibet, Israel and Rome, as the author spins his story and ties things together.

We are introduced to the mystical Shimahn whose mission is to save the world from plunging further into oblivion through time travel. We also meet many other interesting people whose sole aim is to deal with the war on terror and the constant threat of nuclear war that seems imminent.

The story is woven around spiritual teachings, the constant conflict /confrontations going on in the world and the struggle to deal with all these issues.

This is an interesting story that will keep you thoroughly entertained throughout. If you are interested in this genre of books then I highly recommend this book.

An Amazing Read. Hard to put down once you start

By Zeez Low

Usually, I do not go for a book of such genre. However, I was recommended this book by a friend whom I respect much for his literary choices. Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a book that is hard to put down once you get started. The novel managed to weave the 3 main themes – time travel, spiritual and terrorism seamlessly and successfully.

There are books that are too draggy and make me stop reading halfway, but not this book. Therefore, once I started reading, I was very much eager to find out what will happen next.

Within each scene, the author paid close attention to the in formation and details contained within each scene. As such, I felt that I was very much present in the scenes and events that the author wrote about.

On a higher level, this book is thought provoking especially on the spiritual and time travel aspects.

I look forward to reading another story by the same author, Don Mardak.

A very engaging and powerful book!

By My Right Eye    

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline by Don Mardak, is a gripping book that really engages your mind. I love how the story begins with the world historical timeline leading up to where the action begins. The story itself is fast paced and captivating. The characters are well defined, and the reader gets a really good visualization of them. Although the story is fiction, there are many non-fictional facts throughout that I found intriguing also and kept me locked into the story.

As the author writes in the introduction: “This is the story of a world gone mad.” This is a story that challenges the reader to think. This novel is written in a way that the story is believable and conceivable. It is a book that keeps you thinking about the plot well after you’ve finished reading.

An adventure in fiction

By Alicia Reyes

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity

This book was really interesting. It is an “end of the world” type story that you have not seen before. The characters are carefully crafted and the writing is very solid. There are some biblical references, but don’t let that throw you off, they are important to the plot.

The mix of themes makes this a great read for pretty much anyone. It has a political angle, a spiritual side, and time travel. I am not sure you can get that combination of elements is just any story.

Absolutely recommended!

What a ride!

By Ernesto S.

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey through Time and Eternity (Paperback)

From the opening page, I was transported into a world that is worrying, disturbing, mind-boggling and most importantly, believable. Our world displays many of the characteristics needed for this “fantasy” to become a reality.

This book changed the way I perceive life, it’s certainly an eye-opening window into a world of doom and destruction.

Science, religion, and war all in one!

By Lee Johnson

This is by far one of my favorite books now. There’s just so much packed into it that had to be read closely: science and quantum physics, God and the apostles, and a great big nuclear war at the end of the world … mind-boggling!

There are a few different people followed throughout the story, creating quite different scenarios and situations that make this book all the more interesting.

There are many new-age concepts as well as taking a look into the past at the beginning of Christianity and God in general, and then how they relate to each other. If you aren’t sure about where you are concerning faith, this is a book that will either confuse you even more or enlighten you, so just watch out … lol (the end will be especially tough if you’re in that situation).

All the concepts expressed in the book are unique in that they explain something perfectly that is usually disregarded as fantastic and impossible. The author knows his history extremely well, and all the terms (military, religious, political, etc.) used are correct, and all his characters are unique and complete: I am able to understand everything about him/her even if the character plays a minor role.

The “end of the world” in this book is the most realistic one I’ve read yet, and the entire flow of the story is well planned and organized—very complex, engaging, and completely engrossing.

I would absolutely read more by this author; worth all the money as well!


By Serenity

What a great book! I really enjoyed reading it.

This book captivated me from the first page to the last. I was instantly intrigued with the character Eric and the fact that he learns he can time travel.

The book is well written, and the author Don Mardak does an excellent job with this fascinating story. I actually felt like I was on this adventure myself through time and space.

Definitely a must read for mystical and fantasy fans. I can read this one over and over again. it was that exciting! I look forward to new releases from this author.

A thrilling ride from the first page…

By Raymond Mathiesen   (Armidale, N.S.W., Australia)

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline by Don Mardak is a thrilling ride from the first page. This science fiction novel combines time travel, spiritual themes, a fascinating mix of characters and modern intrigue to create an unputtable down novel.

We meet the CIA Director, Scott Cunningham, a former Navy SEAL, and his Assistant Lori Colbert, addressing a meeting after a terrible terrorist attack. We also meet husband and wife Kathy and Eric who are in Lhasa, Tibet, on a spiritual quest. Through Eric’s time travel, both worlds intersect. Mardak’s premise throughout the novel is that there “is a spiritual universe, and mankind has the ability to rise into a higher level of consciousness where all conflicts can be resolved peacefully without resorting to wars, or threatening a nuclear holocaust.”

Mardak’s Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a science fiction novel, containing elements of time travel. It is set in ‘the Present’ with a clear aim of trying to reconcile what is happening. There is a definite sense of good and bad in the novel. Mardak’s fascinating use of the scriptural characters of Paul and Silas to both examine Christianity, and to change the future, is an amazing read. How Mardak structures the novel is particularly well done, so that the ending is both satisfying, works in a science fiction way, and races to the finish, all at once.

The novel examines the various tenets of a number of the main religions (Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, and Judaism) using them as plot devices: e.g. Paul’s Missionary Journey. This exploration of religion is quite a wild ride, but worth it.

The first third of the novel introduces us to the characters: to the CIA, the issues related to Eric and Kathy, and to the Himalayan mystic Shimahn. This first third also introduces broader geopolitical issues, as well as setting up the ‘four-dimensional world of space time’. In the second section of the novel the actual time travel begins. We see its effects from Eric’s point of view. He is an interested participant. In this section, Mardak makes good use of structure to make his point, but also to move the plot along. The last third of the novel brings everything together: the time changes and the new ideas and perspectives. There is an ending which is in some ways surreal, and which is beautifully realized.

One of the main themes of this book is religion. It’s a fascinating book because I believe many people see Religions as having “Truths” and this novel certainly plays with some of those. Anyone who believes that the Bible is the written word of God will have a difficult time with this novel. That said, it is far from Mr. Mardak’s aim to make anyone annoyed about this. I feel, quite the contrary.

The novel discuses time travel and how it can save the world. What difference would it make to war? Mardak also asks what kind of world are we creating? How do we cause and prevent a nuclear holocaust? Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is also about an attitude of helping and working together to create change.

The relationships that are explored in the novel illustrate personal growth and caring. Kathy and Eric, Colbert and Cunningham, Paul and Silas are all studies in how we see, how we relate, and how we can change. The focus in Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is how this happens.

A minor quibble about the characters is the character of Kathy. I didn’t feel that she had very much to say for herself, and was a little too passive for my liking. Eric, however, is well written and his relationship with Kathy is nicely drawn. The CIA group are depicted as a good bunch. They sounded quite different than Eric and Kathy: they were exciting and gung-ho. They were well drawn.

The scenes in the desert were particularly evocative and the relationships depicted there, though brief, remind the reader that some of the central ideas of the novel are relationship and awareness. The different families in the desert remind the reader that families have many different shapes. In terms of diversity and families there are a range of families: Lori Colbert is a divorced mother, Kathy and Eric have been married seven years and there are the families in the Sinai desert. There are also the relationships between Shimahn and Eric and Kathy, and between Paul and Silas. Mardak also emphasizes diversity by depicting various religions and mixing those religions in unique ways.

This novel runs along at a fast, fast pace. At times it fairly gallops. It has fantastic ideas about time and space and makes the reader think.

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline has a thoughtful purpose, but is highly readable and action-packed. Mardak’s plot is well structured and he makes good use of characters. From the first ‘gloomy Thursday in Langley…’ I wanted to read on, to find out what was happening, what was going on. Armageddon and the 4th Timeline has a thoughtful purpose, but is highly readable and action packed. I am happy to rate this novel as 4.5 out of five stars.

A mindbending end-of-days tale

By Chloe Halston

Although I’ve read many books in my life, this is the first one I’ve ever read about a realistic end-of-days scenario. Enter Armageddon and the 4th Timeline, whose reflective and cogent idea that religion, science and politics are all interacting in the real world to create a potentially apocalyptic situation.

The book provides a few arresting moments for any adult who has lived through the horrors of 9/11 or watching a terrorist attack happen on native soil, as its realism hits far too close to home sometimes – but that’s what makes it poignant. It’s also clear that its author is well-studied in Christian history, as the novel moves between a modern perspective and the Christians of the past. This movement through time is explained by Tibetan spiritualism rather than the Western variety, making this a well-rounded, researched, and thought-provoking read.

While the entire book is designed to stretch your mind, the last fifth of the book is truly filled with excitement and fear from sentence to sentence. You can guess what begins to happen here, but what you’ll never guess is how artfully Mardak ties in spirituality and the idea of alternate existences. Mind-bending, without a doubt.

Intriguing and Effective

By Cai Thomas

An intriguing book full of detail, the author has obviously done his homework; the historic and geographical knowledge build an intriguing world for the story to develop.

The characters enter a world were the apocalypse could occur any day, as tensions build as terrorists and rogue states gain weapons of mass destruction. They bounce from one location to another as the story develops, but not simply as a simple action story as the author entwines spiritualism and mysticism effectively into the storyline and characters.

Not an easy task but this author has managed to do so effectively, and this adds a lot to the story.

Five stars from me.

Mind Bending Fantasy

By David Sterling

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This book has to be one of the best fantasy books out there. It combines three seemingly very different topic of the war on terror, spiritual teaching, and time travel all into one well thought out and equally well written novel. It captivated me from the beginning and I could hardly set it down.

It’s kind of a mix of fantasy and science fiction, the time travel aspect is the most interesting part of the book in my opinion. It really makes you think what is possible and what isn’t.

I’ll certainly be looking at anything else Don Mardak releases.

Enthralling Read

By Kevin Keys

The world is spiraling further and further towards destruction. Everything seems doomed. This novel focuses on changing events with time travel, but while that is impossible, it does offer us a look at our future as a species if we fail to realize the effects of our cumulative actions. It also looks at ways that an inevitable self-destruction can be avoided.

By placing these scenarios in a fictitious environment not that far removed from reality, Mr. Mardak does a wonderful job of painting a picture that is clear to the reader. I very much enjoyed the message, the style of writing, and the price is just right.


By Coochie

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

An engaging story from the outset, this is a book that demands to be read.

The author has crafted the complex components in such a way that they flow, and the complexity becomes easily digestible and easy to understand. I enjoy this genre and this was no exception, although this was a breath of fresh air to the genre; the themes and ideals portrayed resonate in an all too real way.

An all out page turner

By Sarah (Valrico, Florida)

I loved this novel from the first page to the last. It is fast paced, well researched and beautifully communicated. If you are looking for something a little more than just an enjoyable read, then I would highly recommend this novel. It’s a mesmerizing adventure through time and one you will not forget in a hurry.

An epic journey!

By Sneha Jhawar 

Armageddon and the 4th timeline is an epic journey through time, and asks some of the most important questions for mankind’s survival. It explores spirituality without forcing it on you and paints an all too real picture of real world issues we are facing today, issues and events we see every day on the news.

This is by far the most outstanding book of its genre.

Best headache ever

By Lincoln M. Sutton

It’s not everyday I enjoy having a headache, but reading this fired off so many signals in my brain that I could not control my thoughts.

The writing is exceptional, the story is dramatic and brilliantly laid out, and the complexity is simplified beautifully. This is going to be something I force on my friends and family!

I can read this novel again and again

By macmary   

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

I have heard so much about Don Mardak before I read this novel. In fact, I am not disappointed. I consider myself blessed for reading this wonderful story.

This novel blows my mind every day I remember most of the remarkable and well-plotted events in the story. I ask myself,’’ What manner of author and writer is this?’’ You need to read this novel to understand what I am saying.

It has been a pleasure for me to read this novel. I can read this book again and again. I have no greater joy than to have an opportunity to read his work again.

I will highly recommend this book to everyone.

Blew my mind

By Kindle Lover

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This book really blew me away. To intertwine the concepts of time travel, terrorism and spirituality all sounds complex (and a little bit mad) but the author actually pulls it off and creates a truly compelling storyline to boot. In fact, the whole arc of the novel is incredible; I didn’t expect it to work on so many different levels, but it really did!

You can tell there’s been a great deal of research and development on all the characters. Eric really struck a chord within me and I enjoyed reading his story. Each character worked though and they all gave the book a lot of depth.

So, if you’re looking for something different, then I recommend this to you, as it’s a hell of a trip!

Fast paced, exciting reading

By Brianna Morisson

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This book is focused on a very interesting mix of mystical concepts and global threats, resulting into a fascinating story.

I needed to stay focused all throughout the book, as the level of details and the story line provide a certain level of complexity to the book, but in my view, this speaks greatly about the writer’s talent.

Don Mardak proved to be one of those authors that keeps his readers involved in the story by mixing so well real terrorist facts, life lessons with an end-of-the-world-mystical-fictional story, and all under the governance of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – with which the book both begins and ends.

It felt like an exciting journey through past, present, facts and fiction — proving to be a real page-turner.

One of my summer favorites!

By Jeff B 

“Armageddon and the 4th Timeline” is a really terrific novel. I love apocalyptic stories, but there are so many poorly written ones out there that I all but ignore the genre nowadays. I’m glad I picked this one up, though, because it is truly a shining gem in a mountain of apocalyptic rubble!

The storyline is fast-paced and believable, and follows nicely along from some of the events that have already happened in our recent history. This book is a believable exploration of what could actually happen if events continue to unfold the way they are.

The plot and character development in this book are top-notch, and the book is very well written. I highly recommend this book!

Wonderful story

By Angie W.

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a unique story about the-end-of-the-world events. It intermixes current world events with quantum physics and parallel dimensions. The backdrop of the War on Terror is brilliantly researched and interwoven into the story.

No matter if you are a Christian or not, the book will surely move you. I like how I could find a way to relate to the world in the book, and it tries to provide insight for the hard issues pressing our civilization.

With religious and quantum physics issues blended in, the book will surely impress any science-fiction fan, as well as a Christian. Highly recommended.


By Roger

This is one of those books that is not only entertaining but also thought-provoking. Don Mardak uses a spellbinding combination of science, religion, and history to immerse readers in his fantastic reality. What made this book especially enjoyable to read for me was the author’s superlative storytelling. Calling it Aristotelian would be an understatement.

I also like that the themes addressed in this book are based on concepts that affect our existence in the real world. Hey, I enjoy zombie fiction as much as anyone else, but sometimes you want to sink your teeth into something that really hits home. And that’s exactly what Mardak delivers in Armageddon and the 4th Timeline.

Amazing Read!

By Catherine Valente  

“Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity,” by Don Mardak, is an amazing inspirational book.

Great characters. The story’s subplots jump between various events and places involving spirituality, the military and time travel. This book will encourage you to think not only about the war on terror and other events that are happening around the world, but also about the spiritual principles and finding the truth in your life.

I would definitely recommend this novel.

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline

By Rebecca

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is brilliantly crafted. It’s a thought-provoking story that intertwines the themes of terrorism, spirituality, and time travel.

In the beginning of the book, it lists a timeline of historical events that have led us to the world as it is today. They were all contributing factors that have brought the world close to the brink of disaster.

In comparison, the timeline towards the end of the book shows an altered history. This was made possible by traveling back to the beginning, so that mankind would not be a prisoner of the pairs of opposites.

This is an Incredible, breathtaking story with a mind-blowing plot. Highly recommended!

Highly Recommended

By Amazon Customer        

I read this book due to the suggestion from my husband, and I was pleased to say the least. You can tell the author has done extensive research on the topics and scenarios he presents.

The book is very well written and captivates the reader from the beginning. The writing style is great for the genre, which is hard to find at times.

To be honest, it was hard to tell at some points if this book was a work of fiction or not. I think the combination of the extensive research, writing style, and plot make this a great book. I hope to read more from this author soon.

Awesome read!

By Nickalous

Certainly an interesting mystical fantasy. “Armageddon,” unlike most other mystical books, unfolds gripping events of the past, present and future. It’s simply breathtaking!

It also reveals stimulating biblical truths and affairs that are parallel to this present world—only more interestingly. Designed to enlighten us of our eternal destiny, each chapter came alive with effective imagery that clearly painted vivid pictures. I had a fascinating read! It’s a must-read for anyone who prefers a good, mind-blowing story.

Highly recommended!

Blew Me Away With Details

By Von Dame

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

Is the end near? I ask myself that a lot, and Don Mardak has created a work that really makes me think. It may be a work of fiction, but it’s a fast-paced look at what very well could be waiting for us in the future. We do in fact live in uncertain times, and this accelerates things into a serious catastrophe.

Part survival horror, part biblical novelization, I found Mardak’s book to hit hard with emotional connection and left me wondering, what if? I loved it. It’s a book I will be reading again, as there are some subtle points that I have to re-read. It’s a solid book for those that are looking towards the end, as it very well may be near.

Whether you’re religious or not, this is a solid read, and one that could very well turn your doubts into hope. It’s fascinating, to say the least.

Mind… Blown

By Gail J. Cooke

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey through Time and Eternity (Paperback)

The attention to detail and research that has gone into this novel is unbelievable and Eric’s ability to time travel gives this book an added dimension.

You can tell this book was built from the ground up, brick by brick and level-by-level – the complexity contained inside is written in such a way that it’s easily digestible and understood.

I have read several “End of the world” books, but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. A beautiful mix of spiritualism, thought-stimulating themes, and an outstanding story put this novel in a league of its own.


By patm99

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This has to be one of the best sci-fi novels that I have read in a long time. It has a truly epic scope, and the author does a fantastic job bringing together elements of the sci-fi and political-thriller genres into one mind-blowing story.

Even in a book that takes on such a large scope of time, the characters are still well developed and believable.

Great job author!

Truly Amazing Book!

By Cameron L

Amazing is the most powerful word I could use to describe how great this book is! Each page drags you into a breath-taking world that keeps you pulled in until you’ve completed the whole book; this has to be one of the best stories I have read in a long time.

Truly amazing!


By pedroluis

I recently finished this book and thought it was fantastic. I felt the author’s passion first, and this helps to bring everything together (odd as that may be). His description of places and people is great, as is the dialect that’s used throughout the book. It helps to put you in that setting. The picture painted is as clear as memory can provide, and I imagine the situations & places he describes relating to places I’ve been.

Excellent read.

Compelling read!

S. Gallardo     

This review is for: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

I’m sure the author did an amazing amount of research because the book is very detailed. This is one of those novels that stays with you long after you read it because of the questions and ideas it introduces. It has a mixture of new-age principles and scientific principles, and the author deftly weaves them together into a fantastic read. The well-written book is more than just words on a page it takes you on a journey.

Because of the genre mix, I think this book would appeal to different types of genre readers, including Fantasy, New Age and even Military Fiction. The military procedures and coverage of “the war on terror” read like a Clancy novel.

A real masterpiece

By Rebbeca M. Jamar

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This is a literary masterpiece. Not only one of the best spirituality themed books I’ve read, but also one of the best science-fiction books I’ve read. There is no force-feeding, just un-biased and brilliant storytelling.

I’m embarrassed to say I had not heard of this author previously, but this book has blown me away and I’m already planning my next read by this author.


By Morris T. Jones 

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey through Time and Eternity (Paperback)

This wonderful piece of writing seamlessly weaves intricate and complex themes and takes you on a journey that you will never forget.

The author effortlessly pulls you into his world and, without bias or prejudice that you sometimes find in this genre, delivers a stunning story that will have your mind contemplating long after you close the book.

Great Mind-Blowing Novel

By Paris Carter

This novel, beautifully crafted by Don Mardak, dwells deeper into the complexity of us as human beings. It questions our morals and our ethics in an extremely eye-opening experience. It does all of these deep effective studies into the human mind, while also doing a great job making sure the fictional story side of the novel still was consistent, clear, and enjoyable, which is a hard thing to balance between. But Mardak found the perfect balance of the two.

I personally loved reading this novel from the beginning to the very end. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a mind-blowing read, as the story is amazing. It is a beautiful thing to observe humankind from an outside perspective. This book is something that everyone should read at least once.

One you won’t forget!

By PurpleSeals

“Is this the end of it, or only the beginning?”

Addictive from the first page to the last, this apocalyptic read included well-formed characters, and setting that pulled me right into the adventure. I loved the variety of philosophies explored combined with alternate realities. With each new plot twist I found myself asking more questions and thinking about the book long after I had finished it.

Although “science fiction” usually isn’t my genre, I will definitely be reading more of Don Mardak in the future!

Intelligent and thought provoking

By K Cowell    

I found this book intelligent and thought provoking. I was hooked by the first couple pages and completely immersed into a world of chaos on the brink of destruction. The novel is well written with depth and an engaging storyline, which truly makes you experience another world.

Overall, this was a great read and well worth its price!

Very enjoyable

By Mark C    

No matter whether you are a devout Christian, or someone who enjoys sci-fi novels, this book has a lot to offer. The storyline is based on current world events stemming from the war on terrorism. The level of realism has kept me intrigued throughout the book, and the author is very well informed and has researched recent world events really well.

The storyline follows a number of people, and the plot is blended to include quantum physics and time travel. The couple followed in this book, Eric and Kathy, bring a deep level of humanity and spirituality that will surely inspire the reader.

It is a thriller in which current calamities, futurism and hope collide. Highly recommended.

Great book!

By Susan Cain     

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

What a great book! I enjoyed reading it. I was instantly intrigued with the characters. The book is well written, and the author Don Mardak does an excellent job with this fascinating story.

I felt like I was on this adventure. I can read this one over and again. It was that exciting!

I look forward to new releases from this author.

Perfectly Crafted

By Bo L. Ellison

I took a deep breath the moment I finished the book, it was an eye-opening, fast- paced rollercoaster. The messages were evident, but not shoved down your throat; the story held you captive and the characters spoke to you.

I have already recommended this book to friends and co-workers.

Entertaining and Inspiring

By SCFx2014 (Los Angeles, CA USA) 

About half way through the first chapter of this book, I became excited. I became excited in a way that only an amazingly entertaining book can make me feel. I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next, yet I didn’t want the story to end.

What struck me most profoundly was the way certain ideas were presented, which caused me to stop and reflect on my life. I was entertained and inspired. And that rarely happens.

Recommended. Highly.

Mind Bending Fantasy

By David Sterlng

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This book has to be one of the best fantasy books out there. It combines three seemingly very different topics of the war on terror, spiritual teaching, and time travel all into one well-thought-out and equally well-written novel. It captivated me from the beginning, and I could hardly set it down.

It’s kind of a mix of fantasy and science fiction. The time travel aspect is the most interesting part of the book in my opinion. It really makes you think what is possible and what isn’t.

I’ll certainly be looking at anything else Don Mardak releases.

come with an open mind, leave with an open heart

By Cali Reader (California)

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

A fast-paced journey between the world of spirituality and that of governments. I enjoyed the dichotomy of the two and can really FEEL the author’s passion.

Enjoyed the time-travel aspect which was realistically done.

A wonderful read from start to finish

By Tabitha JR

A wonderful read from start to finish, I was captivated from page one and the pull of the story keeps you turning the pages at a frantic rate.

A tremendous plot line coupled with all too real emotion

By Tommy G26

A tremendous plot line coupled with all too real emotion, this novel takes the “end of the world genre” and flips it on its head and creates an entirely new and exciting take on the premise. Many books make you think while you’re reading and maybe a day or so after, it’s been almost a week since I finished this and every element is still running through my mind.

Outstanding end-of-the world novel

By TrinityTrinTrin 

If you are looking for your usual world ends, everyone run, books this isn’t for you. If you’re looking for a relevant, informative, powerful story that could rein true, this IS for you.

The main stand-out element for me was the effortless weaving of very complex stories, it takes the reader on a breathtaking ride. In today’s world, anything is possible, just turn on the news. This novel takes the possible and makes it captivating and powerful.

This one caught me like an overhand right

By Cass-a-Nova

This one caught me like an overhand right. Sat down expecting to read an Armageddon-type book and was dragged willingly into a world of possibilities, devastation, time travel and everything in-between.

I was surprised, but certainly not disappointed. A really great read and one of the nicest surprises to date! Thank you!

A Very Thought Provoking Book 

By alex777

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

A Very Thought Provoking Book. I always love a book around an apocalypse, and this one had me engaged from the start. At every turn we face a world on the decline, but still there is a message of hope, that we CAN change our course if only we start to act as one and not as the fragmented society we have ingrained ourselves to become.

I don’t have a time machine, but perhaps we can change directions, if we all just wake up.

Disturbingly Brilliant

By Angela T. Perry

Everything I love in one fantastic novel. Prepare to have your mind rewired and your eyes opened to all too-real possibilities. This novel will take you on a journey that you won’t soon forget.


By Trena R. Palmer 

I couldn’t put this book down. My eyes are opened! I cannot wait to read more by this author!

Very unique, fast-paced adventure. A definite must-read!

By Amanda Ritson

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline is a very unique, engaging and thought-provoking book. I highly recommend it!

A definite must-read for fans of the genre.

I loved this book!

By catherine scully

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

An amazing journey through space, time and possibilities. Every aspect of this book was extremely well researched and really conveyed the message to the reader, capturing your attention, mind and emotions.

The story was fast paced and all elements were blended perfectly to give the reader a fantastic read.

Astounding read!!!

By don papa

Astounding read!! I highly recommend this novel for those that like a bit of mysticism. Although the author is a bit narrow in his scope of thinking, the novel itself makes a few excellent points that young children might find applicable. Give it a chance, and thank me later.

Magnificent Story

By Candy

This review is from: Armageddon and the 4th Timeline: A Spiritual Odyssey Through Time & Eternity (Kindle Edition)

This book has several masterpieces behind it, but my favorite is the way the author has been able to craft and weave the subplots amongst each other.

Time travel is hard for me to get into but this book has brilliantly captured the story well. I highly recommend picking it up.

Great Book!

By Jenny

Great collection of some awesome stories. Enjoyed all of them. Passed some boring times. Great job once again Don Mardak. This book was exactly what I was expecting.

After reading this book I knew that this is an excellent book for me! This is a great read. The book is an easy read and I picked up some great tips overall it was a good read!!